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  • Inria | about 10 hours ago

    This position is likely to be situated in a restricted area (ZRR), as defined in Decree No. 2011-1425 relating to the protection of national scientific and technical potential (PPST). Authorisation to enter an area is granted by the director of the unit, following a favourable Ministerial...

  • Inria | about 10 hours ago

    To apply, you must first create your candidate space. Répartition des postes Centre de recherche Inria Bordeaux - Sud-Ouest : 3 postes Centre de recherche Inria Grenoble - Rhône-Alpes : 2 postes

  • Inria | about 10 hours ago

    , Nicolas Halbwachs is, with Paul Caspi, the co-inventor of the Lustre programming language. “I have known Marc Pouzet for more than twenty years, since he joined our Verimag laboratory in Grenoble as a post

  • Inria | about 10 hours ago

    quite an international dimension, including a year as a post-doctoral student in Oxford and time spent in Berkeley, which she has visited regularly since 2000. “A researcher isn’t called to stay locked

  • Inria | about 1 month ago

    . OPENVIBE OpenViBE is a software platform designed to create, test and use Brain-Computer Interfaces, enabling users to send commands to computers only by means of brain activity. OpenViBE can be used in many

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