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  • Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour | Anglet, Aquitaine | France | 3 days ago

    TITLE: Influence of the environmental conditions on the methylation rates and source of Hg species in microorganisms Mercury (Hg) is a persistent pollutant in the environment, highly volatile and able to be converted into highly toxic methylmercury (MeHg). MeHg is a serious threat as it is a...

  • Université de Bretagne Occidentale | Brest, Bretagne | France | 15 days ago

    innovations in current industrial processes.In particular, the transition metal catalysts are powerful tools for the development of green chemistry as they enable to perform processes with low waste, to improve

  • CNRS | Paris 05, le de France | France | about 21 hours ago

    common among nanoporous framework materials (metal–organic frameworks, molecular frameworks, and others) than in dense inorganic materials, yet the relative roles of chemistry, geometry and topology

  • CNRS | Tremblay en France, le de France | France | 4 days ago

    The Work will be carried out in two Laboratories: at the CRMN "Centre de Résonance Magnétique à très hauts champs" located at Villeurbanne, in the Isabelle Krimm's team, and at the CRCL, "Centre de Recherche en Cancérologie de Lyon". The project aims to develop bioactive small molecules to...

  • CNRS | Paris 05, le de France | France | 3 days ago

    products of organic polymers will be studied. Required profile: Graduated from a Master's degree in chemistry or equivalent training, the candidate must have strong skills in physical-chemistry and

  • CNRS | Tremblay en France, le de France | France | 3 days ago

    This project funded by the ANR will be carried out within the Supramolecular Engineering Bio-Inspired Group (http://www.iecb.u-bordeaux.fr/teams/BISE/ ) in collaboration with physicochemists from the Institute of Molecular Sciences of Bordeaux, Dr. Dario Bassani et Dr Nathan McClenaghan in the...

  • Montpellier University | Montpellier, Languedoc Roussillon | France | 9 days ago

    researchers specialized in different fields (hydrology, environmental chemistry and ecology). She or he will have access to outstanding scientific equipment and will have the possibility to carry on her or his

  • University of Bordeaux - CNRS | Pessac, Aquitaine | France | 11 days ago

    on surfaces in order to test their potential applications in molecular electronics. Key Words : Supramolecular Chemistry, Foldamers, Organic Synthesis, NMR, X-ray Crystallography, Photochemistry, Encapsulation

  • CNRS | Tremblay en France, le de France | France | 1 day ago

    Required qualifications are: • PhD in chemistry, materials science or in a related area • Strong knowledge in crystallography and X-ray scattering techniques. Previous experience in synchrotron

  • CNRS | Tremblay en France, le de France | France | 25 days ago

    domains of materials chemistry and/or chemical engineering for a duration of 6 months. His/her research activities would be hosted by the Unit of Catalysis and Chemistry of Solids, team Materials

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