15 Chemistry positions at University of Alberta

  • University of Alberta | about 2 hours ago

    The Department of Chemistry at the University of Alberta invites applications for a tenure-track faculty position in the field of Analytical Chemistry. The starting date is July 1, 2018. The rank

  • University of Alberta | 2 months ago

    The Department of Science at the University of Alberta’s Augustana Campus invites applications for a term lab instructor position in inorganic chemistry. This position involves responsibility

  • University of Alberta | 8 days ago

    Coordinator & Technician is primarily responsible for the delivery of the laboratory component of the chemistry course that is part of the Interdisciplinary Science Threshold Experience (InSciTE). InSciTE is a

  • University of Alberta | about 2 hours ago

    SC Chemistry Competition No.  -    A104934159 Closing Date  -    Oct 23, 2017 This Research Associate position will support the research program of Principal Investigator (PI) Professor Jillian

  • University of Alberta | 13 days ago

    SC Chemistry Competition No.  -    S104934052 Posting Date  -    Oct 04, 2017 Closing Date  -    Oct 12, 2017 Position Type  -    Full Time - Grant Funded Salary Range  -    $42,830 to $57,364 per

  • University of Alberta | about 2 months ago

    : PhD in Analytical Chemistry with emphasis on LC-MS-MS analysis methods Minimum 3 years of postdoctoral experience Experience in sensitive LC-MS methods to detect low concentration of chemotherapy drugs

  • University of Alberta | about 2 hours ago

    opportunities for training and research in areas bridging analytical chemistry, toxicology, and environmental and health sciences. Our faculty hold many prestigious awards and often have joint appointments with

  • University of Alberta | about 1 month ago

    spectrometry Additional skills related to the use of GC/MS, asymmetric flow field fractionation, and prior expertise in carbohydrate chemistry and analysis, particularly the production of oligosaccharides from

  • University of Alberta | 22 days ago

    ALES RR General Competition No.  -    A108233391D1 Closing Date  -    Will remain open until filled. This competition is open to current University of Alberta employees only. The Research Associate will be responsible for assisting and supporting the Principal Investigators (PIs) in the overall...

  • University of Alberta | about 2 months ago

    SMS Distribution Operations Competition No.  -    S106833744 Posting Date  -    Aug 25, 2017 Closing Date  -    Sep 01, 2017 Hourly Rate  -    $23.53 per hour Grade  -    06 Hours  -    35 This competition will be used to fill 2 positions. These positions have an end date of one year from the...

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