Postdoctoral Position in Development of Molecular Factories based on Microfluidics Technology

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The overall aim of this project is the development of molecular factories with compartments-in compartments architecture: nanometer-sized compartments loaded with active compounds (catalysts, enzymes, mimics) will be encapsulated inside synthetic microcompartments by a double emulsion microfluidics approach. The project intends to design new microfluidics chips to support generation of compartments-in-compartments with desired properties and allowing cascade
reactions between the bio-loaded nano-compartments. A particularly important part of the project will intend in situ structural and functional characterization of the molecular factories to support their potential for advanced catalysis or medical applications.

This is an interdisciplinary project from which you will gain valuable experience in the domain of nanoscience, physical chemistry, biochemistry and microfluidics approaches. Your role will be to adapt or design new microfluidics chips for production of compartments-in-compartments and combination of thereof with active compounds, to control the reactions inside and resulting functionality for efficient generation of molecular factories. More information on the topics of the groups in which you will be working can be found at and

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