PhD position in reverse translational breast cancer research

Updated: about 1 month ago

A PhD position is available in the laboratory of Professor Momo Bentires-Alj ( ) at the Department of Biomedicine (DBM) in Basel, Switzerland. The successful candidate will work on primary patient breast cancer organoid cultures, proteomics, and image-based drug screening.

Selected publications of our lab include: 1- PIK3CAH1047R induces multipotency and multi-lineage mammary tumors. Koren S, et al. , Nature 2015. 2- Hippo kinases LATS1/2 control human breast cell fate via crosstalk with ERα. Britschgi A, et al., Nature 2017. 3. Glucocorticoids promote breast cancer metastasis. Obradović MMS, et al. Nature 2019. 4. Hepatic stellate cells suppress NK cell sustained breast cancer dormancy. Correia AL, et al. , Nature 2021.

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