Ph.D. Position in Cancer Immunology

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The successful candidate will work on molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying cancer-associated T cell exhaustion. The overall goal of this work is to delineate the metabolic heterogeneity of CD8 T cells in human tumors and characterize key metabolic pathways underlining the development of exhausted T cells. This knowledge will help to develop and implement novel strategies for cancer immunotherapy. Experimental systems include patient-derived tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs), T cell cultures and murine tumor models.

Selected publications of our lab and our close collaborations include:
Voabil et al, Nat Med 2021; Trueb M et al, JITC 2020; Yu YR et al, Nat. Immunol 2020; Wang et al, Nat. Immunol 2020; Claus et al, Science Transl Med 2019; Trefny et al, Clin Cancer Res 2019; Cheng, Nat. Immunol 2019; Stanczak, J Clin Invest 2018; Thommen, Nat Med 2018

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