Doctoral Candidate (PhD) in Computer Science on Digital Identities and Verifiable Credentials

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Successful candidates will join the young, vibrant, and interdisciplinary FINATRAX Research Group, which builds bridges between business research and information systems engineering. The group conducts research on the application and the impact of digital technologies like DLT/Blockchain, Digital Identities, Machine Learning/AI, and IoT. The group consists of doctoral and post-doctoral researchers who come from different disciplines (e.g., policy, business, technology) and pursue first-rate research on the design and impact of information systems. 

Successful candidates will have the opportunity to purse their PhD in close collaboration with Luxembourg’s Ministry for Digitalisation. In particular, they will participate in the partnership project “Digital Identities for Luxembourg”. In the course of this partnership project, they will accompany and support the Luxembourg government with the implementation of EU initiatives for a European Digital Identity and Digital Wallets. Furthermore, they will explore the implications of Digital Identities and Digital Wallets for Luxembourg’s government from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Next to the partnership project “Digital Identities for Luxembourg”, successful candidates will carry out research in the general area of Digital Identities and DLT/Blockchain. In particular, they will be integrated into a larger research team on “Digital Identities” and collaborate with team members employed on similar projects. Successful candidates will thus have the opportunity to investigate additional research questions and design an individual research portfolio. As such, successful candidates will be able to align the skills that they learn pursuing a doctorate with their personal goals and interests.

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