PhD STUDENT Position in the field of Mammalian Neurodevelopment

Updated: 3 months ago
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 25 Jun 2022

The mammalian cerebral cortex plays key roles in cognition, sensory and motor functions, and the control of our emotions. The proper execution of these tasks depends on a long process of embryonic and postnatal development which relies on the production by neural stem cells of the appropriate number of neurons with proper identities that migrate to their specific location and make connections with each other. Defective signaling pathways during development are the cause for many human brain diseases. The goal of our studies is to better define the mechanisms involved in neural cell proliferation, migration and differentiation in order to understand how the brain is built and learn how to treat devastating brain diseases.

We are using an interdisciplinary approach including, but not restricted to: protein interaction studies, alteration of signaling pathways in vivo, cell culture (cell lines and primary cultures), luciferase assay, histology, organotypic tissue culture assay, RT-qPCR profiling of translating mRNAs.

Funding category: Contrat doctoral

Salary is determined according to standard Belgian regulations. An initial 15-months funding is available to support the candidate who will apply for a 4-years fellowship from the FNRS-FRIA at the start of the thesis and one year later if unsuccessful.

PHD title: Doctorat en Sciences Biomédicales

PHD Country: Belgique

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