PhD position on “Durability of reinforced concrete under natural corrosion”

Updated: 3 months ago
Deadline: 10 Oct 2022

During their lifetime, reinforced concrete structures are subjected to complex and interacting degradation mechanisms. These degradation processes and micro-structural changes at material level, such as carbonation, chloride ingress, shrinkage, rebar corrosion, etc. have an impact on the degradation of reinforced concrete on the macro-structural level, e.g. corrosion-induced concrete cracking. A more fundamental understanding of these interacting degradation mechanisms, in relation to their time-dependency and spatial variability is necessary for a more accurate lifetime assessment and performance-based design of concrete structures. In this research, we will focus specifically on degradation due to reinforcement corrosion. Research challenges that are to be tackled are the effects of modern cement types, such as blended cements and SCMs on degradation mechanisms that are governed by pore structure and moisture transport, and the interactions between micro-structural changes (porosity decrease, concrete micro-cracking) and ingress of deteriorating agents. Thereby, this project aims at linking binder technology and corrosion science to structural engineering.

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