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Deadline: 07 Jan 2022

1 PhD positions

Cognitive Neuroscience & neuroimaging

(2 years guaranteed)

GIGA - Cyclotron Research Centre / In Vivo Imaging

University of Liège - Belgium

Marie-Skłodowska-Curie European Training Networks

LIGHTCAP: LIGHT, Cognition, Attention, Perception

Detailed information about the entire consortium and the other open PhD positions can be find here: https://lightcap.eu

1 PhD positions are available at the GIGA-Cyclotron Research Centre-In Vivo Imaging of the University of Liège.

NIF impact on subcortical brain structures

We will establish the fundamental role of the subcortical areas and identified NIF pathways beyond the retina in vivo in human. We will also strengthen our understanding of melanopsin retinal cell contribution to alertness and cognition. Studies will be laboratory based on healthy human participants. The project will use Ultra-high-field high-resolution 7 Tesla MRI geared towards subcortical areas, metameric illumination and analyses based on detailed recordings of melanopsin cell responses in rodents. Results could have implications for treatment of brain disorders.

Research will be conducted under the supervision of Dr. Gilles Vandewalle and in collaboration with Dr. Balteau, MR physicist, and Dr. Phillips, MR method developer, at GIGA-Cyclotron Research Centre-In Vivo Imaging @ ULiège. We have planned secondments with Dr. Lucas at University of Manchester to integrate data precisely measured in rodents to our research plan and SIGNIFY to be exposed to lighting production and commercialization.

EU Funds are available for 2 years. 2 more years will be funded through applications to other funding schemes. These additional years are therefore not funded for sure at this stage. We have however always managed to find solutions in similar situations in the past.

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