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Department: Operating Room
FTE: 1.00
Full Time
Shift: Evenings

Position Summary:
Provides a variety of housekeeping services to maintain a safe and clean environment in the Operating Room, Recovery Room, and associated areas. Provide safe and timely patient transportation and additional non-patient pick-up and delivery service in assigned area. Ensures adherence to Hospital and Departmental Policies and Procedures. Patient care assignment may include; Neonate, Pediatric, Adolescent, Adult and Geriatric age groups.

Detailed responsibilities:
* ORDER - Inventory and order various stock supplies; scrub brushes, masks, shoe covers, saline, sterile water, cleaning solutions, boots etc.
* CLEAN - Clean assigned area by washing furniture, tile, fixtures, equipment, washing walls, doors, door frames, ceilings, vents and windows with appropriate germicidal solutions
* CLEAN - Sweep and mop floor areas using appropriate solutions
* SANITATION - Performs terminal cleaning procedures of Operating rooms and prepares room for next case; follows established guidelines
* SANITATION - Gathers and disposes of trash and waste materials
* SANITATION - Removes waste and soiled linens from work area and places in specified bags or containers
* PATIENT TRANSPORT - Transport patients to and from requesting areas; ensure adherence to all safety measures
* PROCEDURES - Ensure timely completion of tasks according to departmental policies and procedures
* WASTE - Collect hazardous waste using established procedures
* TRANSPORT - Transport hazardous waste in a special closed container to the waste garbage for sterilization before disposal
* CLEAN - Clean equipment and notify manager of equipment needing repair; request additional cleaning supplies as needed; report safety hazards to supervisor
* SUPPLIES - Ensure cleaning equipment and supplies are returned to janitor closet after use
* EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES - Assemble suctions, clean and remake stretchers, stock and check par levels of blankets and pillows in warmers, and stock personnel protection equipment
* EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES - Stocks masks, shoe covers, and soap supplies at scrub sinks
* FURNITURE & EQUIP - Arrange furniture and equipment in an orderly fashion after cleaning assigned area
* INFORMATION - Obtain all essential information from nurse regarding patient condition prior to transporting patient
* COMMUNICATION - Communicate with patient to advise reason for transport and instruct patient on transport protocol
* TRANSPORT - Communicate with unit staff to ensure patient is ready for transport and maintain unit patient sign-in/sign-out sheets
* POLICY & PROCEDURE - Maintain established departmental policies and procedures, objectives, and quality assurance programs
* DEVELOPMENT - Enhance professional growth and development through participation in educational programs, reading current literature, attending in-services, meetings and workshops
* PATIENT SAFETY 1 - Follow patient safety-related policies, procedures and protocols
* PATIENT SAFETY 2 - Demonstrate proactive approach to patient safety by seeking opportunities to improve patient safety through questioning of current policies and processes
* PATIENT SAFETY 3 - Identify and report/correct environmental conditions and/or situations that may put a patient at undue risk
* PATIENT SAFETY 4 - Report potential or actual patient safety concerns, medical errors and/or near misses in a timely manner
* PATIENT SAFETY 5 - Encourage patients to actively participate in their own care by asking questions and reporting treatment or situations that they don't understand or may "not seem right"
* PATIENT CARE - Assist in surgical prepping, transferring and positioning patients


* High School or GED Equivalent

1/2 year (6 months) directly related experience

Operating room environment

* CPR for Healthcare/BLS Prov or Prof Rescuers w/in 30 days

Physical Conditions:
Heavy Work: Exerting 50 to 100 pounds of force occasionally, and/or 25 to 50 pounds of force frequently, and/or 10 to 20 pounds of force constantly to move objects or people. Physical Demand requirements are in excess of those for Medium Work.

Working conditions:
* Sig Hazard: Chemicals, Bio Hazardous Materials req PPE

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