Postdoc in data for circular buildings

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Urban Energy Systems Laboratory

at Empa develops models and concepts for innovative building and decentralized energy system technologies based on renewable energy, including prototypes and demonstration plants. 

Together, we are exploring digital innovation such as LiDAR scanning tools, Geographic Information System (GIS), satellite imaging, and Google data to feed the creation of platforms for material and resource passports. This will enable to evaluate at an urban scale which buildings will be demolished or retrofitted and could become material mines in the future. In order to create a decision-making tool that helps with the optimal energy transformations and material flows within a city, we analyse trade-offs simultaneously. To strengthen our scientific team, we are looking for a

Postdoc in data for circular buildings

You will work in research and development projects in the fields of engineering, archi-tecture, urbanism, and computer science. Looking at both operational and embodied carbon impacts of buildings, you will analyse data at an urban scale in order to foster a transition from a linear to a circular economy in the built environment. You will execute your research ideas in various projects, in close collaboration with our team and our ex-ternal scientific and industry partners. You will support our PhD and postdoctoral students and publish in scientific journals and conferences.

We are seeking

a highly motivated and dedicated candidate with a PhD in civil and environmental engineering, architecture, or similar. Candidates should have profound and interdisciplinary knowledge in energy, environmental impact, data analysis and building technology, and experience with GIS. Experience with mathematical optimization and machine learning, as well as programming experience in Python or similar languages are preferred. The candidate should be interested to work closely with industry and research partners in the construction sector. Experience with the development, acquisition and management of research projects is a plus. Candidates should have excellent written and spoken language skills in English (and ideally also German).  

We are offering a multifaceted and challenging position in a modern research environment with excellent infrastructure. You will also be connected to different labs at Empa and ETH Zurich, in order to carry out highly interdisciplinary work. 

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