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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 14 Jun 2023

3 May 2023
Job Information

Babes-Bolyai University

Hungarian Department of Biology and Ecology
Research Field

Biological sciences » Laboratory animal science
Researcher Profile

First Stage Researcher (R1)

Application Deadline

14 Jun 2023 - 16:00 (Africa/Cairo)
Type of Contract

Job Status

Hours Per Week

Offer Starting Date

2 Oct 2023
Is the job funded through the EU Research Framework Programme?

Not funded by an EU programme
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Offer Description

The position involves teaching activities, as courses, seminars, laboratory and practical applications, according to the duty statements, preparation of education plans, analytical programs and syllabbuses for the disciplines in the position, guidance of yearly projects, bachelor's and masters dissertations, participation in admission and theses defense committees, evaluation activities, tutoring, consultations, guidance of student scientific circles, participation in councils and commissions in the interest of the educational process, other activities organized for the promotion of the faculty and university, scientific research activities, as well as those specified in the job description.

This position involves teaching activities (courses and laboratory activities) of the subjects of: Animal and human physiology I. (Hungarian language) - 2 conventional hours at the undergraduate study program Biology and Ecology and nature conservation, full-time form of education; Animal and human physiology II. (Hungarian language) - 2 conventional hours at the undergraduate study program Biology and Ecology and nature conservation, full-time form of education; Applied molecular biology (Hungarian language) – 1 conventional hour in the master's program medical biology, full-time form of education; Advanced aspects of cellular structure and ultrastructure (Hungarian language) – 6 conventional hours in the master's program medical biology, full-time form of education.

This position also involves the management of research topics in the field of animal phisiology and molecular biology, involving undergraduate and master's level students, aiming the preparation of undergraduate and master's theses and dissertations.

The candidate selected for the position will have the obligation to periodically update the teaching material presented to the students during the courses and practical works, its publication being encouraged.

The candidate selected for the position will have the obligation to participate in national and/or international project competitions in order to secure additional funding that will contribute to supporting research activities and obtaining relevant results for the continuous development of the mentioned disciplines. The presentation by the candidates of the involvement and management of research projects in the field of the targeted disciplines is encouraged.

Related to the job requirements, the conditions that candidates must meet are mentioned. The number and quality of articles published in journals in the red and yellow zones, in the field of animal physiology and molecular biology, is an advantage.

Research Field
Biological sciences » Laboratory animal science
Education Level
PhD or equivalent

Mother Tongue

Additional Information

Date, day of week and time of lecture/presentation

June 29, 2023, Thursday, 1 p.m

Place of lecture/presentation

Apáthy István lecture hall (former B2), str. Clinicilor no. 5-7, Cluj-Napoca

Days of evaluation of applications, including lectures, courses, etc..

Candidates' skills are assessed based on:

1. evaluation of the candidate's file

2. delivering a lecture

For this position, the candidate's file/folder presenting his professional achievements counts for 75%, and the appreciation of the public lecture, the final grade proposed by the individual evaluation report drawn up by each member of the competition committee, has a 25% weight. In the evaluation of the scientific activity, the quality of the publications will be taken into account in relation to the requirements provided in the didactic or research norm.

For this post of university lecturer with a research track, candidates deliver a 30-minute public lecture on a topic who’s the topic is determined by the committee and announced to the candidates 48 hours before the presentation on the UBB website. The evaluation is done with grades from 1 to 10. The grade of the test represents the arithmetic mean of the grades of the committee members. The test must also contain a question session from the committee and/or the public. (15 minutes/candidate).

Language used: oral presentation in Hungarian. The questions will be asked in Hungarian.

Subjects for evaluation of applications

Bibliography: Christopher D. Moyes, Patricia M. Schulte (2016) Principles of Animal Physiology, 3rd edition; Gerald Karp, Janet Iwasa, Wallace Marshall (2019) Karp' Cell and Molecular Biology, 9th edition; Joanna R. Freeland (2020) Molecular Ecology, 3rd Edition

Description of competition procedure

Each candidate is allocated 45 minutes for the lecture (30 minutes lecture, 15 minutes questions and discussion)

Work Location(s)
Number of offers available
Babeș-Bolyai University
Postal Code
M. Kogălniceanu nr. 1

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St. M. Kogalniceanu nr. 1
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