Post-doctoral positions in analogue electron quantum simulator

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ICFO is offering postdoctoral positions to well-qualified, highly motivated and dynamic young scientists who wish to enhance their scientific career in a friendly and stimulating environment.

The successful candidate will be joining the international QTWIST program that includes Prof. Jarillo-Herrero (MIT) and Amir Yacoby (Harvard) as well as research groups of Prof. Adrian Bachtold, Prof. Carmen Rubio Verdú and Prof. Frank Koppens (ICFO) .

We are seeking highly motivated and skilled condensed matter Research Scientists to join our cutting-edge project on the development of a novel analogue electron quantum simulator. The goal is to construct a new experimental tool based on a graphene superlattice to not only measuring macroscopic observables, such as electrical resistivity and magnetization, but also probing the many-body quantum wavefunction of correlated electronic states. This new quantum simulator platform may unravel the microscopic nature of high-Tc superconductivity and other correlated electron states, such as heavy fermions in a Kondo lattice, integer and fractional Chern insulators, and orbital ferromagnets.

"An electronic quantum simulator-Programa Fundamentos de la Fundación BBVA 2022".

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