70093: Physicist, Chemist or similiar (f/m/x) - Developing aircraft…

Updated: 2 months ago
Location: Germany,
Deadline: 20 Jan 2023

Area of research:

Scientific / postdoctoral posts,Other

Job description:

The Flight Experiments facility at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) is Europe’s largest operator of atmospheric and earth observational research aircrafts. The heavily modified aircraft fleet is used by numerous research facilities, universities, authorities and companies worldwide.

Our department structure reflects the diversity of the services we provide to the scientific user community of our atmospheric research aircrafts.

Scientific missions on board of DLR’s flying platforms benefit from the long-standing expertise we have within our expert groups.

Your work as a research associate within our Instrumentation and Data Science group would include the following:

  • Developing aircraft sensors to measure meteorological parameters
  • Developing new in-flight calibration procedures, software to analyze aircraft measurement data, and extending existing analysis sequences
  • Further developing calibration procedures and modifying existing calibration equipment of principal parameters
  • Supporting research campaigns with DLR’s atmospheric research aircrafts and analyzing the collected data

This research center is part of the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centers. With more than 42,000 employees and an annual budget of over € 5 billion, the Helmholtz Association is Germany’s largest scientific organisation.

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