Professor in Wind Resources and Site Conditions

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 09 Sep 2022

DTU Wind & Energy Systems at the Technical University of Denmark is looking for a professor for meteorological modelling of flow over scales ranging from mesoscale to microscale. The scope is to strengthen research and education within meteorological modelling, model validation and model application to provide accurate assessment of resources and external conditions onshore and offshore in wind energy, including conditions for floating wind turbines in sea basins not yet exploited.

Your main responsibilities and background

You will develop and lead research in a research group that focuses on topics such as boundary-layer meteorology, mesoscale model boundary-layer parameterization, extreme wind, wind-wave coupling, data assimilation and application in the advancement of high-performance computing. You have a large and diverse international research network and have an interest in mentoring and leading young scientists.

You will contribute to research and innovation, as well as education in the research field, which includes

  • Modelling for assessment of climatological conditions and extreme conditions onshore and offshore wind energy as well as for emerging technologies, e.g. floating wind and power-to-X
  • Assessment of the impacts of massive wind energy deployment on mean winds, extreme winds, and wave climates
  • Advancement in statistical modelling methodologies as well as dynamical modelling of relevant site external conditions
  • Application of data from new measurement technology for the purpose of validation of new modelling methodologies

You will:

  • Take a scientific lead in the academic development of tools and software (for example WAsP and our wind atlases) for assessment of wind resources and site conditions in the section
  • Further develop the collaboration with national and international research institutes and industries through collaborative projects
  • Attract national and international funding for research in atmospheric modelling
  • Contribute to scientific advice to authorities and project partners 
  • Publish and coordinate dissemination of research at a high international level.

The research field shares some scientific methodologies with other groups in the department as well as with other departments at DTU. Thus, you should sustain and develop collaboration with these groups.

The position will contribute to teaching of wind energy meteorological modelling for resources and site external conditions within dedicated summer schools, special courses, and wind energy master programs. Contribution to continued education and training for professional site engineers is also expected.

DTU employs two working languages: Danish and English. You are expected to be fluent in at least one of these languages, and in time are expected to master both.

You have:

  • Documented research experience in relevant meteorological modelling such as boundary-layer meteorology modelling, mesoscale model boundary-layer parameterization, wind-wave coupling and extreme wind/typhoon prediction
  • Experience in supervising PhDs and teaching of master-students and in continued education
  • Proven contribution to wind energy tools/software that benefit the entire wind industry and society
  • Robust collaborative experience and excellent communication skills (fluent in English, reading and writing)
  • Proven track record in obtaining research funding
  • Experience in leading large research project, preferably international

Application procedure

Your complete online application must be submitted no later than 9 September 2022 (Danish time).

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