Postdoctoral Fellow – Group of Advanced Materials and Organic Synthesis

Updated: about 2 months ago
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 31 Aug 2022

Group of Advanced Materials and Organic Synthesis

We are looking for a talented scientist in organic chemistry with experience in the synthesis and characterization of organic materials based on PAHs to apply them in sensors, optoelectronics, and organic batteries.

From a long-time perspective, our team works on the design and preparation of novel polyaromatic materials based on [n]helicenes/[n]phenacenes and their derivatives, which are accessible on a large scale by photochemical synthesis and consequent synthetic transformations. Recently, we are focusing on extended aromatic systems available via different synthetic approaches including supramolecular chemistry, polymerization, coordination chemistry, and others. The goal is to improve the properties of such systems over the single molecules to make them applicable in different fields of research including the construction of sensors, probes, or fabrication of thin-layer optoelectronic devices and organic batteries. Preparation, characterization, and incorporation of the materials into model devices would be the main fulltime occupation of the new postdoc.


  • Ph.D. or equivalent degree in Organic Chemistry or related disciplines
  • Strong background in synthesis and characterization of organic materials
  • History of innovation and accomplishment
  • Systematic and creative approach to work including teamwork ability


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