Research Expert in the field of Thermodynamical Modelling in Hydrometallurgy

Updated: 2 months ago
Deadline: 28 Nov 2022

·        To perform and coordinate the development and optimization of thermodynamic models for the description and prediction of chemical and phase equilibria relevant to hydrometallurgical processes (e.g. leaching, precipitation, solvent extraction, ion exchange, cementation, etc.);

·        To investigate the fundamental chemical aspects of hydrometallurgical processes using literature data and experimental techniques. As such you will improve the SOLVOMET Group’s in-depth knowledge ofthe chemistry behind these processes and improve the predictiveness of the constructed thermodynamic models based on that chemistry;

·        To collect accurate data necessary to develop the thermodynamic semi-quantitative models by assessing the quality of literature sources and by coordinating experiments that return data best suited to determine standard and excess thermodynamic parameters;

·        To intensively collaborate with key industry partners. You will be performing high-impact research and development activities in collaboration with Belgian, European and global mining and metallurgical companies (in the context of the SOLVOMET Industrial Service Centre);

·        To collaborate internally with other researchers and experts to devise model-driven improvements or solutions;

·        To perform high-quality scientific reporting and dissemination of the scientific and technological results. This task includes preparing interim and technical reports, contributing to patent applications for new inventions, and (in some projects) publishing high-impact scientific papers. Furthermore, you will present results during network-wide events in European RIA/IA projects;

·        To provide science-deep input with respect to thermodynamic modelling of circular hydrometallurgical processes during the development, writing and implementation of new bilateral & EU project proposals, in collaboration with the KU Leuven IRF Research Manager on “Sustainable Metallurgy” and other research managers/experts and the head of the SOLVOMET Group;

·        Supervise or provide guidance to PhD and MSc students, working on topics closely related to thermodynamic modelling;

·        Occasionally support in teaching activities.

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