Laboratory assistant microbial fermentation and purification

Updated: 29 days ago

MITH is an academic research group developing diagnostic and therapeutic biopharmaceuticals with a strong vision to bring innovation from the bench to bedside. We have established a cleanroom facility for the production of lead biomolecules for human clinical trials. With this unit we want to valorize our laboratory studies by bringing them into a GMP environment and thus guarantee safe testing on humans at the UZ Brussels university hospital. We are looking for a motivated professional with a passion for pharmaceutical quality processes.

Techniques: microbial manipulation (P. pastoris), cell banking, fermentation in a small-scale (30L) bioreactor, cell collection, cell extraction, protein purification via chromatography, filtration, precipitation device management, validation of fermentation processes and devices, working in a clean room environment, writing procedures and protocols.

Here is a selection of your tasks:

  • Carrying out operational activities in a GMP clean room facility.
  • Taking responsibility for the fermentation branch of the GMP unit.
  • Setting up procedures to ferment microbes and extract proteins.
  • Setting up procedures to purify proteins from a microbial extract.
  • Scaling up protein purification procedures to liter-level.
  • Evaluating the robustness of purification procedures.
  • You write standard operating procedures in English.
  • You contribute to the continuous improvement and maintenance of the quality management system.
  • You ensure the qualification and maintenance of the equipment and infrastructure related to the fermentation procedures.
  • Taking responsibility for the proper documentation of the performed processes.
  • As a team you take up the challenge to deliver proteins for clinical studies.
  • You are open to continuous training and self-study.

For this position, the Brussels Health Campus in Jette will be your home base.

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