EuroBloodNet Project Manager

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 22 Dec 2021

Job Position :

Telemedicine & E-learning Project manager

in the field of Rare Haematological Diseases


The Brussels Clinic University Erasme hospital-ULB is highly specialized in rare haematological disorders (RHD) on a regional, national and international level with a recent award as an European Reference Network (ERN) coordinator. ERNs are networks involving healthcare providers across Europe and have been launched in 2017 by the European Commission. They aim to tackle complex or rare diseases and conditions that require highly specialized treatments and concentrated knowledge and resources :

The ERN-Eurobloodnet ( ), dedicated to haematological disorders, currently consists of a network of 60 healthcare-providers from 14 Member States, with important interactions with patients groups covering those conditions. The ERN project co-leader, Pr Gulbis is working for the ULB-CUB Hôpital Erasme, Belgium.

To deal with challenging clinical cases and to bring expertise to all patients across Europe, a virtual clinic has been set up based on a tool provided by the European Commission, called Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS). The CPMS aims at supporting ERNs in improving the diagnosis and treatment of rare or low prevalence complex diseases across national borders of Member States in Europe. The CPMS is a secure Software that enables health professionals to enroll patients using comprehensive data models. Health professionals can use the CPMS to collaborate actively and share patients cases within and across the EU. The CPMS is supported by Virtual Communication Tools and DICOM viewers to facilitate the interaction between clinicians. Reporting tools are among the functionality of the system to seamlessly empower users to generate reports of interest for administrative and clinical purposes.

In parallel, the ERN-EuroBloodNet develops educational activities aiming at spreading cutting-edge knowledge and facilitating continuous medical education in the field of RHD. Several educational programs are being developed consisting in topic specific recorded video sessions provided by experts in the field allowing health professionals and patients to learn highly specialized knowledge without the need to travel and whenever they wish. These webinars allow to tackle questions gathered from the audience in real time, providing the perfect environment to benefit from the most outstanding experts in the field. An e-learning platform gathering a repository of educational materials on RHD is currently under construction and will be soon implemented on the ERN-EuroBloodNet website.


  • Telemedicine: Advertising, support and provide assistance to the development of a dedicated IT tool for sharing clinical cases on rare diseases.

  • The project manager, in close collaboration with the coordinator and the ERN-EuroBloodNet management team, will be mainly responsible for the daily management of the Virtual Clinic platform. He/She will manage the smooth medical running and will coordinate the dispatching of the clinical cases to the ad-hoc panels of experts through Europe. He/she will be in charge of checking the panel, delivery of recommendations and the overall process. The Fellow will also help the coordinating team to better define the patient pathway in CPMS EuroBloodNet member, identify potential ethical and legal medical issues and anticipate potential bottlenecks in the patients CPMS pathway to solve, participate to a helpdesk dedicated to ERN-EuroBloodNet members, report regularly on the process for continuous assessment.

  • E-learning: Organization of educational programs using up to date IT tools with the aim of implementing a virtual repository of rare haematological diseases
  • The project manager will support the development of the ERN-EurobloodNet e-learning platform in close collaboration with the center leader of the project and the company in charge of the IT development. He/She will be in charge of the daily management of the platform :add contents, ensure the smooth running of the platform, coordinating educational programs. Indeed, The project manager will be in charge of the creation of new educational contents to be published on the ERN-EuroBloodNetWebsite and YouTube Channel (EuroBloodNet EDU). He/she will coordinate the webinars programs for health professionals, by writing them in collaboration with ERN-EuroBloodNet members, inviting speakers, moderating the webinars, recording and performing basic video editing for the publication of the sessions..

  • European Project management : Reporting to the European Commission
  • The ERN-EuroBloodNet is co-funded by the European Commission. The project manager will therefore occasionally participate in the reporting and monitoring activities to the European Commission together with the coordination team. He/She will have to contribute to the periodic reports and in the writing of deliverables. He/She will ensure that the project respect the Gantt chart, working packages and timelines, identify potential issues or risks that could affect the progression of the activities and demonstrate ability to utilize a balanced approach to solve problems.


    University degree in area of science (i.e. Biomedical Sciences) or Human Sciences. Experience in project management (especially European and/or medical projects).

    All previous experience in the field will be taken into account.


    Communication: active listening, communication methodology, clarity, sharing and constructive feedback with health professionals

    • Knowledge of modern communication technologies: internet, web, educational tools, pod casting, video conferencing, content management system, etc.
    • Autonomy and capacity to work independently on a project, problem solving
    • Ability to work in an international environment : Fluent in English (spoken and written), knowledge of French highly appreciated
    • Comfortable in working in team


    • Full time job, 12 months contract
    • Starting date : As soon as possible
    • Location: CUB Hôpital Erasme and LHUB-ULB site Porte de Hal (possibility to work from home some days)
    • Travels can be necessary on a one-time basis
    • Salary will depend on experience and diplomas

    Full applications (CV + Cover Letter) should be sent by email in PDF version and in English to: and . Interviews will take place online in December 2021.

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