Arid rangeland recovery following destocking - evidence from field survey and remote sensing

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Location: Mount Lawley, WESTERN AUSTRALIA
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Project Outline: A considerable proportion of arid rangelands of Western Australia have been destocked in recent years following many decades of sheep/cattle grazing, mostly for economic reasons.  It is often assumed that the soils and vegetation will recover following cessation of livestock grazing, but this may not be the case if the land has been excessively degraded and/or grazing pressure continues via native and feral herbivores. This project, which has support from various government agencies, will address this issue across a range of scales from regional (using remote sensing) to local (field-based monitoring).

Project Area: Ecology

Supervisor(s): Dr Eddie van Etten, and others as required

Project level: Honours / Masters /PhD

Funding: In collaboration with Bush Heritage Australia and Rangeland NRM. Good chance of some funding.

Start date: Any

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