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UC offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses covering six main learning areas:Applied Science; Health; Art and Design; Business, Government and law;Education and Information Sciences and Engineering. UC is partnered with two local ACT schools UC Senior Secondary College Lake Ginninderra (formerly Lake Ginninderra Senior Secondary College) and University of Canberra High School (formerly Kaleen High School). The University of Canberra College also provides other pathways into university for domestic and international students.

More than 12,000 students currently attend the University. Some 1600 of them live on campus. They come from local and regional areas, every state and territory in Australia and 90 other countries. Academic standards are high and career results are excellent. The University has produced over sixty five thousand graduates since 1970. Many occupy senior positions in the professions, the corporate world and government enterprises in Australia and their home countries; others are prominent authors, designers, journalists, film-makers and sports men and women. We're proud of every one of them.

Student Accommodation:

The University of Canberra offers a number of accommodation options for future and current students. You can choose to apply to live in campus accommodation or to arrange accommodation out in the Canberra community.

Please remember that at certain times throughout the year, especially at the beginning of each Semester, it can be extremely difficult to find and secure accommodation in Canberra, it is therefore very important you start your search early.

By living in campus accommodation at Weeden Lodge, University of Canberra Village or Arscott House, you will become a member of a diverse and stimulating community. Experience the excitement of living in a truly multi-national community and making new friends with both local and international students.

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Shops & Food:

  • The UCU Shop and Post Office cater for all of your stationery, news agency, postal needs and other commodities, plus post box and like requirements. There is a ticketek desk where you can book tickets to all major events around the country.The Post Office is an agency for Western Union.
  • The UC Hair Salon provides complete hairdressing services for men and women - by appointment - as well as a full body piercing clinic offering tongue, ear, navel, tragus, nose, labret, lip, eyebrow and nipple piercing. Location: The Hub. Phone: 6201 2097 for the UC Hair Salon, or 6201 2449 for the Canberra Body Piercing Clinic.
  • The University Cooperative Bookshop. Anyone can buy books at the Bookshop without becoming a member of the Co-operative, but members receive discounts. Location: The Concourse. Phone: 6251 2481
  • The UCU Refectory has a wide range of food available for your convenience. From Halal food to fruit salad and yoghurt, all is available. Visit UC Eat for further details. Location: Building 1, Concourse level.
  • Sizzle Cafe Sizzle specialises in oriental cuisine - sushi, teriyaki, tempura and noodle dishes - but you will also find foccacia, gelato, cake and coffee. Location: The Hub near the underpass.
  • Cafe Mizzuna Specialising in pasta and pizza dishes. Location: The Hub. Phone: 6201 5610

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