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  • IRIG | Grenoble, Rhone Alpes | France | 3 days ago

    Title of the PhD project: Multiscale study of the host control on its symbiotic microalgae PhD supervisor: Gilles Curien PhD co-supervisor: Johan Decelle Research institute: IRIG Laboratory: PCV, UMR Research team: Photosymbiosis (J. Decelle) and EDyP (Y. Coûté) Summary of the project:...

  • UMR IMoST 1240 | Tremblay en France, le de France | France | 3 days ago

    Targeted internal radiotherapy and immune checkpoint inhibitors for the management of metastatic melanoma The treatment of metastatic melanoma has benefited from major advances with therapies targeting the mutated BRAF protein or more recently immunotherapy. However, some tumours do not respond...

  • University of Antwerp | Belgium | about 23 hours ago

    are fulltime engaged in research.  The Center is looking for: PhD student in molecular cancer biology Job Profile You will perform research on drug resistance mechanisms in the context of lung cancer. You will

  • University of Strasbourg - ICUBE Laboratory (UMR7357) | Tremblay en France, le de France | France | 11 days ago

    proteomic and molecular biology approaches, to get data on P. aeruginosa phenotypical plasticity in different growth conditions in the presence of different siderophores or siderophore-drug conjugates. We

  • University of Bradford ; | Bradford, England | United Kingdom | 6 days ago

    Project Supervisors: Dr. Savas Konur, Dr. Refaat Hamed, Prof. Marian Gheorghe Project Description: Synthetic biology has emerged as a promising and powerful tool to engineer new biological systems

  • EMBL | Germany | about 20 hours ago

    The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) invites you to apply for PhD positions in Heidelberg, Barcelona, Grenoble, Hamburg, Hinxton (near Cambridge) and Rome. Would you like to contribute

  • Uppsala University | Netherlands | about 2 hours ago

    46.000 students, 7.300 employees and a turnover of SEK 7.3 billion. The Department of Cell and Molecular Biology is one of the most international, broad and distinguished molecular bioscience departments

  • IRIG | Grenoble, Rhone Alpes | France | 17 days ago

    Title of the PhD project: Structural characterization of engineered Virus Like Particles using nanoresonator-based mass spectrometry PhD supervisor: Christophe Masselon PhD co-supervisor: Sébastien Hentz Research institute: IRIG Laboratory: BGE, UMR 1038 Research team: Exploring the Dynamics of...

  • UMR IMoST 1240 | Tremblay en France, le de France | France | 3 days ago

    Evaluation of a dendronized anti-EGFR nanotheranostic tool in preclinical breast cancer models Among the various therapeutic approaches (surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy) available to the oncologist, external radiotherapy is an important treatment since it is prescribed for...

  • internationally recognized applied research, education and environmental monitoring in issues related to conservation and restoration of biodiversity, fish biology, molecular ecology, wildlife ecology (rodents

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