4 biology positions at CNRS

  • CNRS | Marseille, Provence Alpes Cote d Azur | France | 2 months ago

    located within the Paoli-Calmettes Institute, a comprehensive cancer institute. Its goal is to improve the knowledge of the biology and medicine of cancer through a continuum between basic, translational

  • CNRS | Tremblay en France, le de France | France | 3 months ago

    He/she will use recombinant VDAC isoforms produced either in E. coli or in cell-free systems, then reconstitute them in various lipidic media and study lipid interactions and affinities for each isoforms using analytical lipidomics, native mass spectrometry or molecular dynamics. The future...

  • CNRS | Tremblay en France, le de France | France | 3 months ago

    - Assembly and annotation of genomes of photosynthetic eukaryotes. - Identification of EGTs by molecular phylogenetic analyses. - Bioinformatic analysis of the characteristics of the detected EGTs (e.g., implication in specific metabolic pathways, etc.). The candidate will work in the framework...

  • CNRS | Paris 05, le de France | France | 3 months ago

    Microfluidic experiments using complex fluids Preparation of suspensions of actin filaments Particle tracking in given flows Rheological measurements We have recently built a microfluidic flow and fabrication platform perfectly suited for the study of fluid structure interactions between complex...

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