9 Mathematics research jobs at University of California

  • University of California | about 1 month ago

    The National Science Foundation (NSF) awards up to 35 postdoctoral fellowships in mathematical sciences for up to 4 years in research or instruction. Mathematical science research areas can include

  • University of California | 22 days ago

    University of California (UC), Berkeley awards up to 3 postdoctoral scholars a fellowship for up to 2 years to teach, research, and contribute to diversity. Fellows will contribute to equal opportunity at UC. Fellows from non-traditional backgrounds will bring a new perspective to educational...

  • University of California | about 1 month ago

    -17 AM I ELIGIBLE? Nominees must be nominated by their universities. Student must be a full-time graduate student in the Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or Mathematics department. Students

  • University of California | 14 days ago

    to support the development of the future science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) workforce, by funding promising master's and PhD minority students. Within the fellowship, a 10-week center

  • University of California | about 1 month ago

    . Management. Medicine, Business, Sciences, Marine Sciences, Mathematics, Engineering, Sustainability, Pediatrics, Technology AWARD TYPE Fellowship/Grant AGENCY American Australian Association University

  • University of California | 20 days ago

    University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) awards up to 5 postdoctoral residential fellowships to diverse scholars for up to 3 years. This fellowship is administered by the Office of the Vice Provost for Research. UPenn is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Postdoctoral Fellowship for Academic...

  • University of California | 7 days ago

    , Computer Science, Dance, Economics, English, Environmental Studies, Geosciences, German / Russian, History, Jewish Studies, Justice and Law, Latina/o, Maritime Studies, Mathematics & Statistics, Neuroscience

  • University of California | 26 days ago

    on Doctoral Dissertation. DISCIPLINES Engineering. Physical Sciences. Management. Including business, chemistry, computer science, electrical engineering, materials science, mathematics, mechanical engineering

  • University of California | 21 days ago

    , mathematics, physics, statistics AWARD TYPE Internship AGENCY National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE), U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) CONTACT

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