3 Engineering research jobs at CNRS

  • CNRS | Tremblay en France, le de France | France | about 13 hours ago

    at exploiting a new microfluidic-assisted technology recently developed by the team to monitor gene expression and further extend it to the analysis of RNAs while operating at a single-cell resolution. Activities

  • CNRS | Strasbourg, Alsace | France | about 2 months ago

    Functional materials are predicted to have an enormous impact on many aspects of society, including next generation health care and energy-related technologies. For example, enzyme-based electrodes represent an important class of biosensors where byproducts of the enzymatic reaction with the...

  • CNRS | Annecy le Vieux, Rhone Alpes | France | about 2 months ago

    CNRS and Université de Savoie Mont-Blanc unit. Close to 150 people are working at LAPP: researchers, professors, engineers and support staff, students and visiting scientists. The laboratory is very

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