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Location:Meiji Gakuin University, Yokohama, Japan

​Internal - Open to Current UC Faculty Only

The mission of the University of California Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) is to equip UC students with the knowledge, understanding, and skills for work and life in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world.  Since 1962, UCEAP ( ) has served as the UC systemwide international exchange program. Serving all UC campuses, UCEAP continues its support of the University of California’s mission through academic instruction and exchange relationships around the world; more than 550 UC faculty have served as UCEAP Faculty Directors, Visiting Professors and program instructors. This past year, over 5,000 UC students participated in 380+ UCEAP programs in 42 countries worldwide.


The Global and International Studies Program at Meiji Gakuin University (MGU) provides a focused semester of study emphasizing a social sciences or humanities perspective, specifically in the areas of international relations and economic development in Asia; international conflict and peace studies; history; communications; sociology; Asian politics, society or cultural studies; religious studies,  with attention to Japan in these fields.  A required study trip each semester to Hiroshima takes place each term, as well as a weekly Integrative Seminar with directed individual or group independent study projects.  

The Visiting Professor is required to: teach a course at MGU; lead the field trip and coordinate the weekly Integrative Seminar which consists of guest lectures; and, oversee student academic issues, host university relations, office and program administration, and student welfare, including health, safety and security.  All coursework is in English.  There is no language prerequisite for students, but study of Japanese is highly recommended for UC students during the program. 

Approximate dates for the programs are early April to late December, with the month of August not in session.  The Visiting Professor needs to be on site at least five to seven days prior to the start of each semester.  A new group of University of California students participates each semester; spring students may request an extension to fall but priority is given to first-time applicants. 

UC Ladder-Rank Faculty in the Social Sciences, Humanities, or other appropriate fields are invited to apply.  Demonstrated campus service to UCEAP is desirable.


APPOINTMENT TERM:  April 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017

HOST UNIVERSITIES AND CAPACITY:  Meiji Gakuin University – approximately 25-30 UC students each semester


  • Visiting Professor - Japanese language ability is advantageous but not required. 
  • Students - There is no language prerequisite for students.

The Visiting Professor is required to teach one course related to issues of global or international interests and is also required to lead the weekly Integrative Seminar which consists of guest lectures and integrates the material covered in the program course; the Seminar includes independent or group studies by each student.   Seven or eight seminar periods are covered by invited guest speakers.  The Visiting Professor will additionally provide a first week of foundational instruction comprising a common introduction to all program courses and lead the Hiroshima field trip each term.


Meiji Gakuin University in Totsuka, a suburb of Yokohama, about 40 minutes to one hour by train from Tokyo Station.   For more information see the university website .


A Meiji Gakuin University staff member assists UC students and the Visiting Professor with many details of the program.

RECIPROCAL EXCHANGE:  Managed by Meiji Gakuin University.


This position is a UCEAP Visiting Professorship rather than a Study Center Directorship.  Meiji Gakuin University has final approval and appointment of the UC nominee.  The appointee must be able to conform to Japanese academic culture and must have relevant background and ability to teach in subject matter of the program. The Visiting Professor has significant responsibility for orientation upon arrival and for being easily accessible for the students’ concerns.  The Visiting Professor must also be willing to intervene in any crisis situation involving UC students.

Replacement Funds to Campus Department

Appointee remains on his/her home campus department payroll and continues to receive regular salary from the home department. 

·                   UCEAP will provide the home campus department with replacement funds in the amount of $36,666 ($18,333 per quarter) for the appointment term, with appropriate adjustment for a semester-campus faculty appointment, prorated for an appointment fulfilled at less than the full term.  The home department will provide instructions to UCEAP regarding the appropriate account to credit with these funds.

  • Benefits are provided in accordance with applicable University policies and are administered by each UC campus.  UCEAP does not reimburse the home campus for any costs related to benefits or sabbatical accrual.  


The Visiting Professor remains on home campus department payroll and continues to receive regular salary from her or his department.  UCEAP will provide an administrative stipend based on an appointment duration of nine months in residence (payable in monthly increments) as follows:  Associate Professor -$10,500; Full Professor -$15,000.  The stipend will be prorated according to the actual number of service months in residence during the appointment term.

Post Allowance

A post allowance (cost of goods differential), based on State Department rates, is provided to mitigate the costs of living abroad.  In FY 2014-15, the post allowance rate was approximately $3,000 for nine months.  The post allowance for this appointment will be based on the updated rates for 2016-17 and 2017-18, and will be prorated for the nine-month appointment term.

UCEAP will provide outbound and return airfare at lowest economy rate per pre-approved UCEAP quote between California and Tokyo plus transfer by train between Narita Airport and the residence in Shinagawa-ku.  for the Visiting Professor and, as applicable, the Visiting Professor’s spouse/domestic partner and child(ren) under 18 years of age who will reside abroad for a minimum of one-quarter.


MGU will provide furnished housing at no cost to you at Meiji Gakuin Kokusai Kaikan in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, and will provide a stipend to cover daily commuting costs from your residence to the Totsuka campus and back.

Relocation and Removal Expenses

UCEAP will provide reimbursement up to $500 for relocation of belongings to Tokyo and up to $500 for return removal of belongings to California. 

Visa/Residency Permit(s)

UCEAP will provide reimbursement for costs associated with the Visiting Professor’s visa as required for temporary residency in Japan (receipts are required).

Other Considerations

UC faculty and employees working abroad are advised that they may be required to file returns and pay taxes in the foreign country in which they are working.  In accordance with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations Directors may, in some cases, be eligible to exclude some earned income (earned while abroad) in calculating their US federal taxes each year.  It is important for Directors and employees to fulfill their obligation to file and pay taxes according to the rules and regulations of both countries.  To ensure tax compliance, UCEAP highly recommends seeking expert tax advice for an assignment abroad.

UCEAP does not reimburse the home campus for any costs related to health and welfare benefits or sabbatical accrual; please note that vacation time is not accrued during UCEAP service.  Due to coverage limitations of some UC health insurance plans, Directors may choose to change health insurance plans for the period they reside abroad, affecting monthly premiums, deductibles and plan coverage.  A campus Health Care Facilitator can provide more detailed information.  UC has arranged for employees traveling on official university business to be covered for a wide variety of accidents and incidents while away from the campus or primary workplace. The policy covers Regents, faculty, staff, or any person designated by UC while traveling at the direction and approval of UC. Coverage can also be provided to a spouse/domestic partner, dependent(s), and traveling companions when traveling with them and should be registered through the UCOP Risk Services web site.  UCEAP does not offer supplemental insurance coverage. 

For questions about application and interview processes or terms of appointment, contact UCEAP Human Resources Director Bryna Bock .  For questions that are program-specific, contact UCEAP Regional Director Mary McMahon .


q  Statement of Interest discussing qualifications and reasons for applying

q  A succinct proposal for the course you would like to teach and a summary of your credentials for teaching in the program

q  Curriculum Vitae  

q  Present the Campus Endorsement Form along with a copy of this Position Description, to your Department Chair for signature approval and request that she or he forward to your Dean for signature approval. 

q  Monitor the signature approval process to ensure that the endorsement form is completed, signed and returned to you for submission.

q  Enter requested application data online

q  Upload all application materials and Campus Endorsement Form in PDF format

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