Student Helper

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Location: Houston, TEXAS
Job Type: PartTime

Title:  Student Helper
Division:  Molecular and Human Genetics
Schedule:  M-F, sometimes weekends
Work Location:  Houston, TX
Salary Range:  Hiring upto $13.50/hr
FLSA Status:  Nonexempt
Requisition ID:  8786


Despite many advances in the diagnosis of rare disease, the pathophysiological mechanisms underlying these disorders are poorly understood. Our research goals are targeted toward defining the biochemical mechanisms and molecular pathways impacted in human genetic disease. The Elsea Laboratory at Baylor College of Medicine has two primary areas of research –neurodevelopmental disorders and pancreatic cancer. The underlying unifying connection across these seemingly diverse areas of research are the genetic and metabolic underpinnings that contribute to these complex, rare genetic conditions. Neurodevelopmental disorders are complex and include a breadth of characteristics that are not yet fully defined. Metabolism and circadian rhythm are key regulators of physiology and behavior and understanding the complex nature of these relationships that may also be modified by environment and/or medication is part of our goal. 
Neurodevelopmental disorders complicated by obesity and sleep disturbance, including autism, intellectual disability, seizures, and a variety of behavioral phenotypes, are a primary focus the research in the Elsea Lab.  Clinical and molecular analysis of genomic conditions, wherein deletion or duplication of a portion of the genome is the primary underlying etiology, leading to altered gene dosage and neurometabolic disorders are a focus of study. Disorders include Smith-Magenis syndrome, Potocki-Lupski syndrome, MBD5-associated neurodevelopmental disorder, TCF20-associated neurodevelopmental disorder, 2q37.3 deletion syndrome, Pitt-Hopkins syndrome, SLC13A5 deficiency, AADC deficiency, and others. Our goals are to improve diagnosis, enhance understanding of phenotypes, and develop a working knowledge of the molecular relationships among neurodevelopmental and neurometabolic disorders toward development of targeted therapies. We work across the continuum of human genetics research from basic science to clinical trials and working with support groups. 

This part-time position will support lab personnel in the daily activities and projects in the Elsea lab at Baylor College of Medicine. Under the direction of research staff and/or Dr. Elsea, the student worker will gain experience relating to not only efficient laboratory management, but also a variety of wet-lab experiments, including but not limited to, genotyping, bioluminescence imaging of animal models and general preparation for tissue collection from animals. This student staff member will assist in the daily maintenance and organization of the lab, will collect, organize, and maintain laboratory data, summarize participant data to share with the lab and associated investigators, and conduct activities to support research projects within defined procedures and practices. Additional duties may include clerical assistance with preparation of protocols, grants, and publications to support the lab.

Job Duties
  • Maintains laboratory databases to ensure research productivity.
  • Enters research data into database and provides needed datasets to other researchers.
  • Maintains and updates notebooks, records, and databases as needed.
  • Manages samples and sample inventory from research participants and in vitro and animal models.
  • Conducts literature searches to support grant applications and project activities, at the request of the supervisor.
  • Performs other job-related duties as assigned for project needs.
  • Assists with documentation and analysis of data, including imaging tumors, mouse behavioral studies, and other project related needs.
  • Learns and develops knowledge base and use of software programs, including Microsoft Suite, GraphPad Prism, Endnote, CalR, and other programs, as needed.
  • Operates as an assistant for lab staff, collaborating throughout various wet-lab experiments and protocols. 

Minimum Qualifications
  • High School or College Student (undergraduate or graduate).

Preferred Qualifications
  • High School diploma or GED.
  • Currently enrolled in degree-seeking, higher education coursework.
  • Good communication skills: Effectively communicates in both written and oral formats.
  • Actively participates in a team approach to project success and eager to learn. 
  • Experience with Excel, Microsoft Word.
  • English proficiency





Baylor College of Medicine is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/Equal Access Employer.



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