PhD position in geophysics

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Location: Washington, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA
Deadline: 30 Nov 2020

Pennsylvania State University

Posted: 08/04/2020

Open Until: 11/30/2020

Applications are solicited for a Ph.D. student at the Pennsylvania State University in State College, Pennsylvania, to begin Fall of 2021, who will play a key role in an NSF-funded project “CAREER: Numerical Modeling of Volcanic Flank Instability Processes”. This CAREER proposal addresses the central theme of: why the style, behavior, and timing of the cyclic growth then destruction of volcanic edifices varies across such a wide spectrum? - with a focus on flank collapse on ocean island volcanoes and in using modeling to unravel the observed complexity in data sets representing a spectrum of type volcanoes. Specifically, this work will explore how styles of collapse are primarily controlled by the evolved size, steepness, structure, and strength of the edifice, in turn conditioned by rates of magma supply and composition and modulated by the aspect and slip interface properties of the substrate. An initial suite of type-volcanoes comprises Kilauea (Hawaii), Piton de la Fournaise (France), and Anak Krakatau (Indonesia) spanning large-to-small, shallow-to-steep and shield- to strato-volcano. A new numerical modeling strategy will be developed and benchmarked through synthetic tests, then applied to recent episodes of flank failure for a spectrum of volcanoes.

The selected Ph.D. student will be based at Penn State under the supervision of Dr. Christelle Wauthier ([url=][/url]). The candidate will be highly motivated with a keen interest in volcanic processes, geodetic modeling, and geophysics. A strong background in mathematics, physics, geophysics, and proficiency with at least one programming language (i.e., MATLAB) are required. Previous experience with geodetic modeling - ideally numerical modeling approaches - data inversions, and a strong desire to learn new computational methods, are highly desirable. Experience in InSAR is a plus but is not essential. The candidate must have completed a Master degree or BS/BSc degree with a significant geophysical research component at the time of appointment.

If you are interested, contact and send your CV and cover letter to Dr. Christelle Wauthier at .
Applicants should follow the procedures for application for Graduate Study at Penn State University.
Candidates from underrepresented and diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.

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