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PhD‐Positions in Topological Matter

The Institute for Theoretical Solid State Physics at the IFW Dresden currently has two open PhD positions, as part of a new research team led by Dr. Cosma Fulga, focusing on the theoretical study of topological phases of matter.

The aim of the doctoral research will be to theoretically study the properties of topological phases of matter and to explore new types of topological systems. These include topological insulators and superconductors, but also gapless systems such as Weyl semimetals. Part of the focus will be on determining the stability of topological phases to perturbations such as disorder, as well as studying their dynamical properties. The research environment is international and friendly, with many opportunities for collaboration with other research groups, both theoretical and experimental. The duration of the PhD is three years with the possibility of extension for a fourth year, and the salary is according to the TV-L rules (EG 13, 75%).

The successful candidate should have a Master’s degree or Diploma in theoretical physics, preferably with a background in condensed matter physics, as well as high motivation and good English skills. Some experience with programming languages is preferred.

The institute is keen to foster the professional equality of women and men, and thus welcomes applications from qualified women.

Applications should contain a CV, a letter describing your research career  goals, skills and experience, and the names and contact details of two references.

Please send your application by email to: i.c.fulga@ifw-dresden.de. For further information, check out the IFW Dresden website at

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