Higher Education Child Care Project (HECCP)

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Location: Tempe, ARIZONA
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Scholarship information

The purpose of the Higher Education Child Care Project funded by the Arizona Department of Economic Security (ADES), is to provide qualified child care assistance to income eligible UNDERGRADUATE student-parents of children ages birth through twelve who are who are enrolled full-time (no work requirement) or part-time and employed in a work activity for monetary compensation. This is a pilot project, with an end date of June 30, 2024. To be income eligible, student-parents must have an annual household income of 85% or less than the State Median Income (SMI) - see chart below. Priority will be given to qualified student-parents in the following programs/areas: Nursing, Early Childhood Education or K-12 Education.

Who may apply?
To be eligible for the High Education Child Care Project, you must be:
-Undergraduate student, enrolled for at least 12 credits per semester or at least 6 credits per semester and be employed for monetary compensation
-Parent(s)/legal guardian of a child(ren), birth – 12 years of age
-Utilize child care services with a state of Arizona licensed child care center or DES certified child care program**
-U.S. Citizen or legal resident
-2022-2023 Adjusted Gross Income must be at or below 85% of the State Median Income (SMI):

Household/Family Size ----- Family Adjusted Gross ANNUAL Income (Tax Form 1040, Line 11) of Not More Than ----- Family Adjusted Gross MONTHLY Income
2 ----- $53,448 ----- $4,454
3 ----- $66,024 ----- $5,502
4 ----- $78,588 ----- $6,549
5 ----- $91,176 ----- $7,598
6 ----- $103,740 ----- $8,645
7 ----- $106,104 ----- $8,842
8 ----- $108,468 ----- $9,039

*New ADES SMI guidelines, effective Oct. 1, 2023
**If you need help finding a provider, call 1-800-308-9000 or visit www.azchildcare.org .
***Eligible student-parents who were enrolled according to the guidelines above in any term dating back to Fall 2021 are also considered eligible to apply for retroactive qualified child care reimbursements from Oct. 1, 2021

Minimum GPA: 
Not applicable
FAFSA Required: 
Must Demonstrate Need: 
Arizona resident
Non-Arizona resident
Enrollment status: 
Academic level: 
Incoming transfer (undergraduate)
Downtown Phoenix
Additional criteria: 

Cut and paste these questions into a separate document. Upload your responses as an attachment. DO NOT INCLUDE IN YOUR ESSAY RESPONSE.

1. Your Full Name:
2. ASU ten-digit ID number:
3. Are you an undergraduate student?
4. What is your marital status:
_____Domestic Partner
5. Are you enrolled in 12 or more credit hours?
6. If no, are you enrolled in 6-11 credit hours per semester AND are you also employed?
7. If applicable, where are you employed?
8. If applicable, indicate the number of hours you typically work per week:
9. What is your annual household income?
10. What is your household/family size?
11. Information on all your dependent child(ren) who would be covered by the Higher Education Child Care Program:
Child’s First Name:
Child’s Last Name:
Child’s Date of Birth:
Child’s Gender/Preferred pronouns:
Child Care Costs per month:
12. If you are currently receiving ADES Child Care Assistance, please provide the following:
Provider Name:
Dates of Coverage:
Your parent Co-Pay amounts:
(You may be asked to provide additional details)

*To remain eligible for future semester awards, you must continue to meet the most up-to-date eligibly criteria as determined by ADES.

Contact info
Amy Golden
Application information

1. Under General criteria, additional criteria, applicants must cut and paste the list of questions into a separate document. Upload your responses as an attachment. DO NOT INCLUDE IN YOUR ESSAY RESPONSE.

Priority will be given to:
Education majors who are student teaching or professional experience
Nursing majors who are participating in their clinicals

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