Casual Position RIETS/UTS (2017-2018)

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Location: New York City, NEW YORK
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Founded in 1886, Yeshiva University (YU) has a strong tradition of combining Jewish scholarship with academic excellence and achievement in the liberal arts, sciences, medicine, law, business, social work, Jewish studies, education, psychology, and more.  


We are a leading global educational institution that employs over 4,500 people across our various campus locations -- Wilf Campus, Beren Campus, Brookdale Center, Resnick Campus in the Bronx, the Gruss Institute in Jerusalem, the Boys High School in Manhattan and the Girls High School in Queens. From the distinguished faculty who teach here, to the dedicated staff, we work to fulfill our mission: to “bring wisdom to life” through all that we teach, by all that we do and for all those we serve. We seek to attract and retain engaged and committed individuals who contribute to an exciting working environment, where there is a sense of community and belonging, balanced with a significant cross section of people from diverse backgrounds working and studying together.


The University offers an excellent compensation package, and a broad range of employee benefit plans, including immediate participation in the University’s retirement plan. Staff members are typically eligible for four weeks paid vacation each year and a shuttle to nearby subway locations.


Madrich: Meet and Orient New Students

  • Meet the Post-Pesach students in April
  • Introduce themselves to and make appointments with new students
  • Meet students in Israel in May that are coming to YU for the coming fall
  • Meet/spend time individually with every student
  • Offer to learn with the students
  • Q and A session for the students
  • Follow up with students over the summer
  • Send e-mail regarding issues/loose ends
  • Follow up with phone calls as well

Be involved with Orientation events with Student Life

  • Orient students in Fall, with a lot of attention during Elul Zman
  • Follow up with students on many issues– checking in with them often in Elul and once every 2-3 weeks
  • One get-together in Elul (involve mashgichim and Head Madrich)

Build relationships with Students

  • Oversee students during their first semester on campus
  • Continuing contact with the Israeli yeshivot – to get feedback from them
  • Meet regularly with Head Madrich and flag students who may need extra attention
  • Follow up with students arriving in January (Spring Semester) and April (Post-Pesach) in a similar fashion, through their first semester

Connection to Israel Yeshivot

  • Keep in contact with the yeshiva to get feedback during the fall
  • Coordinate speaking slots – and shabbat visits with faculty and administration of Israeli yeshivot
  • Coordinate with Head Madrich (who will communicate with RIETS and Admissions)


  • Organize (Israel) yeshiva events for the students during their first semester [but not further into their YU careers]

Connection to Yeshiva Mashgichim

  • Introduce students to the mashgichim
  • Frequent updates to the mashgichim on students’ progress (weekly in fall)


  • Trip to Israel during Winter Break to recruit students from their yeshiva and speak to the yeshiva about the progress of their alumni

Shiur Assistant 

  • Take attendance
  • Organize shiur events
  • Develop a relationship with students
  • Pair up study partners and assist in seat assignments
  • At times offer review session before midterm and final
  • Viewed as student leaders and are required to remain on campus to during orientation and other weekends throughout the year

Shoel Umeishiv

  • Go around from table to table to see if students need assistance deciphering the texts
  • Develop relationships with the students and should feel comfortable discussing with them both academic and non-academic matters
  • On occasion substitute for the teacher and teach the class

Bayit Cham Counselor

  • Conducting group singing at Shabbos events such as the cafeteria meals and the Tish
  • Selecting students to share Divrei Torah at meals in the cafeteria
  • Overseeing events that take place on campus on Shabbos
  • Administrative duties 

Night Seder Rebbe

  • Arrange night seder chavrusas
  • Coordinate night seder chaburas
  • Assist with questions in the beis medrash in regard to deciphering texts
  • Develop a relationship with students


Various Tasks:

  • Book reshelving
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Flyer creating and hanging
  • Publication editing
  • Typesetting
  • Miscellaneous 

Experience and Educational Background:


  • Knowledge of UTS programs and students
  • Many years of experience with rabbinic texts


Skills and Competencies:


  • Good interpersonal and organizations skills
  • Ability to give a lecture on occasion
  • Detail oriented
  • Ability to read and write Hebrew

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