Studentship: MRes Serial Repitching of Novel Active Dried Yeast Strains

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Location: Nottingham, SCOTLAND
Deadline: 03 Jun 2022

Closing Date
Friday, 3rd June 2022
Microbiology, Brewing & Biotechnology

SupervisorDr Chris Powell

Secondary Supervisorn/a

Subject Area:Yeast and Fermentation

Research Title
MRes Serial Repitching of Novel Active Dried Yeast Strains

Research Description

Active dried yeast (ADY) strains are widely used in the food industry, including for brewing, distilling, baking, wine, spirits and others. However, the brewing market is unique in that yeast cultures are typically used multiple times via a process known as serial repitching. During the lifespan of a culture, yeast cells must perform consistently to create products which meet tight specifications. Recently there has been growth in sales of ADY to the brewing sector, particularly focused on unusual or non-conventional yeasts. In this project we aim to investigate the capacity of such ADY strains to be repitched over several generations. Specifically, the research questions that we aim to address are:
i) What differences can be observed between ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ yeast cultures derived from the same strain ?
ii) How important is rehydration in determining the performance of key strains over time ?
iii) How do yeast strains used for niche products within the brewing market perform during serial repitching ?
The questions above will be addressed through investigations according to the following milestones: M1: Method development and initial physiological characterisation of brewing yeast strains. M2: Serial repitching trials to include analysis of fermentation progression and flavours in final pack beer (diacetyl, esters, higher alcohols) over multiple generations. M3: Yeast physiological analysis including quantification/analysis of components linked to cell stress/stress tolerance, particularly related to key stages of yeast handling. As part of this exciting collaboration with Lallemand Inc., the successful candidate will join an active and thriving research department based at the Sutton Bonington campus within the University of Nottingham (UoN). Candidates will also be expected to complete 20-30 credits of taught material, delivered by the brewing team at the UoN International Centre for Brewing Science. This position is suitable for those interested in yeast, brewing or fermentation science, and for those seeking either to enter industry or commence a career in research.

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Yeast, Fermentation, Brewing, ADY, Stress

Award Start Date01/07/2022

Duration of Award12 months

Terms and Conditions

This research studentship is only available to UK citizens and includes payment of tuition fees and a tax-free stipend based on BBSRC rates (currently £15609).

Applicant Qualification Requirements

Applicants must hold a BSc. in a science or engineering based subject (2.2 classification or above).

How to Apply

Closing Date: 03/06/2022

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