PhD Studentship - George Bethell Scholarship: The design of Infrastructure for Lunar colonies (Engineering/Materials) –

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Location: Nottingham, SCOTLAND
Deadline: 25 Aug 2021

Closing Date
Wednesday, 25th August 2021

Applications are invited to work on a PhD at the University of Nottingham in the field of infrastructure for Lunar colonies. Space agencies envisage a permanent human presence on the Moon by the 2030s. To reach this goal, we need infrastructure that guarantees the correct operation of equipment on their surfaces. For example, the soil on the Moon's surface will wear under the repeated wheels passing, and rocket engine plumes without proper pavement surfaces. However, roads and landing pads are not commonly considered in the designs of colonies, and this will be the first project that proposes pavements for future colonies on the Moon.

The successful candidate will study the conditions to manufacture and cure pavement structures under the Lunar conditions, including slabs made of materials that simulate those on the Moon and reinforce the regolith (the soft Lunar soil). Also, the student will experimentally simulate pavements degradation on the Moon's surface under the effect of repeated wheel loads and a simulated rocket engine plume.

We are looking for a candidate that is enthusiastic and enjoys engineering challenges. 

The PhD will start in October 2021 and, the deadline for this application is the 25th August 2021 

Candidates must hold a first-class honours degree or equivalent in an engineering science topic or demonstrate equivalent experience.

This is a 3-year programme. This position is available from October 2021. The studentship includes home fees and a tax-free stipend of £15,609 per annum. Please note that due to funding restrictions, current funding is available to UK nationals only.

Please direct enquiries to Dr Alvaro Garcia,

The University of Nottingham is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes applications from all sections of the community.

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