PhD Applied Mathematics

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Location: London, ENGLAND
Deadline: 31 May 2017

UCL Department / Division
Duration of Studentship
4 years
Approx. £16,553 per annum plus additional annual stipend of £4000
Vacancy Information

A four-year studentship is available for doctoral research work on industrial model problems with Professors John Curtis and Frank Smith in UCL Mathematics. Motivated by human safety concerns, the research is on the applied mathematical modelling of the combustion of an explosive. This will involve solid and fluid mechanics and the modelling of reactions. When a solid explosive burns as a result of heating caused by mechanical or thermal means it forms high pressure gaseous products. As the reaction proceeds more and more gas is formed. The porosity of the explosive may increase and as more and more surface area becomes exposed to the hot gas the reaction can acelerate and propagate. A highly energetic reaction or even disastrous detonation can be achieved in some cases, with devastating implications for the safety of nearby people. The interplay between the burning (and thereby disintegrating) solid matrix and gaseous products is still ill-understood. It is likely that there are confined locations where flames are interacting with flames from nearby surfaces, in complex ways. The goal of the planned research is to seek to understand these processes better.

Studentship Description

This is an industrial CASE award from EPSRC and AWE, starting on 25th September 2017. Applications from masters level candidates, whether MSc or MSci expected in 2017 or previously obtained, are welcome. Please contact with expressions of interest or an application, by 31st May 2017.

Person Specification

Applicants should possess a good honours degree (1st class or 2:1 minimum) in mathematics, physics or a closely related field, or an equivalent qualification. A candidate will preferably have already shown clear interest in research in applied mathematics, either by participating in a summer research activity, or by having already attempted her or his own research in the area, or by having done a significant amount of preliminary reading of books and papers. The candidates must also meet the entrance requirements to be accepted onto the UCL Mathematics PhD programme


Applicants should apply for the MPhil/PhD programme in Mathematics at UCL, 2017/18 entry, by completing the UCL Graduate Application on-line form for Research Degrees available at: Applicants should identify Professor Frank Smith as their potential supervisor and send an up-to-date CV and a covering letter/email confirming that the on-line graduate application has been submitted and indicating that they are applying for this PhD project. Candidates who have participated in research should ensure that at least one of the referees who is familiar with that work writes one of their references and gives a brief assessment of that work and the candidate's potential. If you have any further questions please contact Professor Frank Smith

Contact name
Kate Fraser
Contact details
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Closing Date
31 May 2017
Latest time for the submission of applications
Interview date
June 2017
Studentship Start Date
25th September 2017
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