MBA Travelling North Scholarship, Newcastle University

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Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, ENGLAND
Deadline: The position may have been removed or expired!

Funding and Finance
MBA Travelling North Scholarship


    As part of its commitment to attracting excellent students, Newcastle University Business School is proud to offer the exclusive Travelling North MBA Scholarship. 

    The scholarship is offered to all students who have met the entrance criteria and received an offer for the MBA programme. The scholarship is aimed at supporting students as they undertake studies at Newcastle University Business School.  All students who enrol in the MBA, and have paid their deposit in full by 23rd August will receive the following benefits and value:

    Airfares to Newcastle paid, (to the cost of up to and including £600)

    An iPad 3 for use with studies and to keep after completion of the MBA programme (valued at £399), provided to students at the exclusive MBA induction programme in September 2012.

    A completion incentive rebate of £1,000 (paid directly to students upon completion of the MBA programme in 2013).



    Airfares from the student’s home country to the UK to study at Newcastle University Business School.

    Newcastle University Business School will reimburse costs of airfares up-to a maximum of £600

    Original receipt(s) must be provided when the student arrives at Newcastle University

    The student must have paid his/her MBA deposit in full

    iPad 3:

    The student must have paid his or her deposit in full

    The iPad 3 is purchased by Newcastle University Business School on behalf of the student, the iPad will be provided to the student at the special Induction workshop which is held in September of 2012.

    The iPad is to be used for the student’s studies for the duration of their studies.

    If the student leaves the programme prior to the completion of their MBA degree, they must return the iPad to the school.

    The iPad will be owned by the student and will be theirs to keep after the completion of their MBA.

    Newcastle University is not responsible for the maintenance, repair or replacement of these iPads.

    Completion Incentive Rebate

    The completion incentive will be paid directly to the student upon completion of their MBA

    Only students who have paid their fees will be eligible for the rebate.

    For further inforomation please contact:
    Dr Tyrone Pitsis, Director of Full-Time MBA
    Newcastle University Business School


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