N. 1 (one) temporary position for 24 months* as Fourth level researcher (R4) in the field of plant...

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 03 Apr 2022

The Edmund Mach Foundation operates in compliance with the legislation in force concerning fixed-term contracts.

Candidates are invited to state whether they belong to the categories referred to in Law 68/99, and to indicate this in the curriculum vita sent in application for recruitment.

The candidate must meet all the requirements and qualifications laid out, on the closing date for submitting applications as stated in the public announcement, as well as on the date of recruitment and placement. Candidates are in any case required to promptly inform the Foundation of any change in the data declared in the application for participation in the public notice.

Failure to meet the specific and general requirements will result in exclusion from the selection process. The Foundation, however, reserves the right to verify the above requirements and may at any time terminate the selection process for a candidate who does not meet them.

Should the verification reveal inconsistencies, doubts or uncertainties, the Foundation also reserves the right to request further clarifications and/or documents to be produced, within the peremptory deadline indicated by the Foundation.

The assessment of the possession of requirements and evaluation of qualifications is based exclusively on the information declared in the application form (Annex A).

By educational qualifications (maximum 25 points) and interview (maximum 75 points). The results of the selection are based on the sum of the points awarded for the educational qualifications and interview.

On the basis of the information provided exclusively in the application form (Annex A), the Foundation will select the best 10 candidates for admission to the interview. This preselection will be conducted on the basis of the highest scores achieved, according to the following criteria (maximum 25 points):

1. MSc thesis on topics related to Biology, Molecular Biology on plants and/or microorganisms (maximum 3 points: 0 points=no relation, 1=minimal relation, 2=medium relation, 3=perfect relation);

2. PhD in the field of Plant Biology, RNA Biology, Molecular Biology on plants and/or microorganisms within the last 4 years (maximum 6 points: 0 points=no relation, 2=minimal relation, 4=medium relation, 6=perfect relation);

3. Work experience (excluding MSc and PhD periods) in Plant Biology, RNA Biology, Molecular Biology on plants and/or microorganisms as employee in qualified labs/research organizations/universities (2 points per year of experience, up to maximum of 6 points);

4. Number of publications with Impact Factor (IF) in Plant Biology, RNA Biology, Molecular Biology on plants and/or microorganisms (1 point for each publication with IF in case candidate is not first/last author, 2 points for each publication with IF in case candidate is first/last author, up to maximum of 10 points);

If none of the 10 shortlisted applicants prove to be suitable following interview, the Commission reserves the right to interview additional candidates initially not admitted to the interview.

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