Postdoctoral Position in Development of Stimuli-responsive Compartments for Controlled Release of Payloads

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The project has as aim the development of bio-hybrid compartments with stimuli-responsive properties for medical applications. Such bio-hybrid compartments will be created by encapsulating active compounds inside synthetic compartments with stimuli-responsive membrane: in the presence of an external stimulus (e.g. light, change of pH) the compartments will release the cargo. These active compartments will then be functionalized to expose targeting molecules supporting their up-take by specific cells where they are intended to fight against pathologic conditions. Such bio-synthetic compartments equipped with biomolecules (enzymes, mimics) and decorated with targeting molecules represent an efficient therapeutic solution due to their stimuli-triggered activity. For more information on the topics of our group, see:

This is an interdisciplinary project from which you will gain valuable experience in the domain of combining nanoscience with chemistry and biochemistry to support medical applications. Your role will be to synthesize stimuli-responsive amphiphilic copolymers, and self-assemble them in synthetic compartments loaded with biomolecules. These compartments will then functionalized with targeting molecules and the payload release will be evaluated in cell lines. More information on the topics of the group in which you will be working can be found at .

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