Postdoc Position: Single cell manipulation with the FluidFM technology

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Job Type: Permanent

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100%, Zurich, fixed-term

The ability to manipulate living cells at the single cell level is increasingly demanded by researchers in various fields. Precise picking of a selected cell and its deposition onto a selected substrate is a foundational requirement to enable bottom-up approaches in single cell biology, whether to investigate cell- to cell interactions, to build in-vitro neuron circuits or to isolate cells to analyze its proteome. It is particularly challenging with the present art to preserve the viability of a captured cell and to guarantee its proliferation once seeded again, while conserving both cellular context and acceptable throughput.

Within this project we will utilize the unique ability of FluidFM of preserving cell viability to manipulate sensitive cells such as primary and iPSC-derived neurons. We will develop the protocols necessary to build neuron networks on a microelectrode array for bottom-up neuroscience. In addition, we will also create microarrays by sampling individual cells for single cell proteomics.

Job description

This 24-months scientific Postdoc project represents an excellent opportunity for original research at the interface of academia and industry. The focus is the development on single cell technologies using the FluidFM. The project is embedded in a collaboration of the Laboratory of Biosensors and Bioelectronics (LBB) at ETH Zürich and Cytosurge. It includes supporting the device development and creation of scientific publications and application notes.

You will have the chance to communicate your results to the scientific community and to work in an innovative, highly collaborative, and energetic environment on a highly impactful project at the interface of academic research and high-tech product development. The position is fully funded for a 24-month period. The place of employment is ETH Zurich, with an earliest starting date of 1st September 2021.

Your profile

As you will be embedded and interacting with an interdisciplinary team of researchers and entrepreneurs at the ETH Zürich, excellent team skills, the ability and willingness to work towards a common goal and excellent English skills are a must-have.

The position requires a PhD degree in science, preferably in a related field (mechanical, electrical, or biomedical engineering, biophysics, analytical chemistry, neuroscience or biology) and a track record documenting experience in single cell technologies, microarray proteomics, single cell biophysics, electrophysiology, or single cell microfluidics.

Applicants should have hands-on know-how in working in a laboratory, planning and conducting scientific experiments. Know-how in the fields of bioAFM, FluidFM, or iPSC-derived neurons is a plus.

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