Postdoc Position: Impact of anesthetics on bone sarcoma metastasis

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Sarcoma and Anesthetics Research Department, Balgrist University Hospital
Postdoc Position: Impact of anesthetics on bone sarcoma metastasis
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We are looking for a dynamic, highly motivated and independent post-doc candidate (for 2 years) willing to investigate and decipher the mechanisms of anesthetics (lidocaine, methylnaltrexone) on tumor metastasis using in vitro and in vivo models of pediatric and adolescent bone sarcoma (Osteosarcoma, Ewing sarcoma). The candidate will work in a newly established lab at the Balgrist campus (Surdez lab) and will benefit from state-of-the-art facilities and animal models (PDX) as well as access to patient material from the Balgrist University hospital.
Your responsibilities
You will be responsible for conducting experiments under close supervision of Prof. D. Surdez and Prof. em. A. Borgeat. The post-doc will generate solid proof-of-concept data for anti-metastatic properties of anesthetics in bone sarcoma cellular models (adhesion and 2D/3D migration assays). She/he will also decipher the underlying mechanisms of action of anesthetics using transcriptomic and/or epigenetic approaches and perform molecular and cellular validation studies. Metastatic properties of bone sarcoma PDX models will be characterized using modern imaging methods (MRI) and anti-metastatic properties of anesthetics will be evaluated in these models.
Your profile
  • PhD (related to this project)
  • Strong background in molecular/cellular techniques
  • in vivo experimentation with mice (animal experimentation certificate)

Advantage but not a must:
  • Experience with fluorescent or live-cell microscopy and confocal microscopy
  • Knowledge on common statistics, bioinformatics programing and NGS data analyses

Further reading
  • Surdez et al., STAG2 mutations alter CTCF-anchored loop extrusion, reduce cis-regulatory interactions and EWSR1-FLI1 activity in Ewing sarcoma. Cancer Cell (in press, April 29th)
  • D'Agostino et al., Lidocaine inhibits cytoskeletal remodelling and human breast cancer cell migration. Br J Anaesth. (2018)
  • Piegeler et al., Endothelial barrier protection by local anesthetics: ropivacaine and lidocaine block -tumor necrosis factor-alpha-induced endothelial cell Src activation. Anesthesiology (2014)
  • Piegeler et al., Antimetastatic potential of amide-linked local anesthetics: inhibition of lung adenocarcinoma cell migration and inflammatory Src signaling independent of sodium channel blockade. Anesthesiology (2012)

What we offer
The Balgrist University Hospital of Zurich offers a future-oriented work environment with attractive employment conditions. The position is financed by third-party funds and foreseen for one+one years (second year funding will depend on proof-of-concept results).
Place of work
Balgrist Campus, Balgrist University Hospital Zurich
Start of employment
Employment start date to be mutually agreed (position is available immediately).
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