PhD students in the field of cementitious construction materials

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The topic of the two 4 years PhD projects is the study of

hydration mechanisms and properties of low-CO2 cements based on magnesium hydroxycarbonates

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). The main objectives of PhD A include exploring the hydration mechanism by experiments and thermodynamic modelling, studying mechanical properties, volume changes and durability for a range of mortar and concrete mixtures based on these binders. PhD B will focus on the effect of the use of different industrial by-products on the hydration mechanism and mechanical properties.

We are looking for two creative and innovative persons, with a Master degree in Chemistry, Materials Science, Earth Sciences, Civil Engineering or related fields. You have experiences with X-ray diffraction analysis, thermogravimetry, scanning electron microscopy, vibrational spectroscopy, analysis of aqueous solutions and the knowledge of cement hydration as well as a strong background in materials science and good skills in design and operation of experimental setups are an advantage. In addition, you have very good verbal and written knowledge of the English language.


If you work independently and if you are motivated to perform scientific studies in an interdisciplinary group and eager to contribute to its scientific competence and output, then you are the person we are seeking for. You will be enrolled at University of Bern and supervised by Prof. Dr. Barbara Lothenbach. Intended start is winter or spring 2023.

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