PhD student in Molecular Toxicology

Updated: about 2 months ago

The Division of Molecular and Systems Toxicology, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Basel (Switzerland), is offering a PhD student position to investigate the molecular mechanisms of ovarian toxicity associated with phthalates, bisphenol A (BPA), and their substitutes.

Project Description/Tasks:
Endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) are exogenous substances or chemical mixtures affecting the hormonal system and causing adverse health effects. Given the rising rates of infertility in developed countries, a particular concern is the potential influence of EDCs on the female reproductive system. Thus, there is a great need to identify hazardous chemicals and uncover their mechanisms-of-action. Exposure to phthalates and BPA has been associated with female reproductive organs' toxicity through causing mitochondrial oxidative stress. Thus, chemicals challenging mitochondrial function and/or its defence system are likely to disturb ovarian steroidogenesis, thereby contributing to female reproductive diseases. The project aims at the identification and characterization of EDCs potentially inducing female reproductive toxicity, and ultimately leading to female infertility, and intents at investigating the potential role of oxidative stress as a susceptibility factor in the ovarian toxicity associated with EDCs in cell-based methods. The most promising compound(s) will be further investigated in mice and, if available, in samples from human cohorts.

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