PhD Programme in Cancer and Immunology (# of pos: 2)

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 14 Jun 2021

The PhD Programme in Cancer and Immunology focuses on research in basic

areas of modern cancer biology and immunology together with

interdisciplinary and translational research. More specifically, the

research carried out by the participating laboratories covers areas such

as: stem cells, cancer and development, epithelial-stromal

interactions, angiogenesis, cancer epigenetics, chromatin structure and

function, cell cycle control mechanisms and DNA repair, cancer

immunology, innate and adaptive immunology, transplantation immunology,

infectious diseases, vaccine design, cellular and molecular immunology,

vaccine development, aging, HIV infection and parasitology (malaria and Leishmania).

Strongly motivated students worldwide are selected twice a year

through a two-step competitive selection procedure. The expected time to

degree is four years. The program designed for PhD students includes

advanced courses, lectures, workshops and summer courses (In English),

devoted to Cancer and Immunology, together with the possibility of

practical training.

Candidates are invited to submit their application all year long

despite the presence or not of open positions. (many positions are

advertised at the last minute) 

Informations on the program:

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