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Deadline: 31 Jan 2022

As the academic home of some of the most eminent economists of the last two centuries such as Léon Walras and Vilfredo Pareto, the University of Lausanne has a distinguished history of scholarship in economics and aspires to remain a leading center for economic research and learning. The aim of our PhD program in Economics is to attract excellent students with a Master degree in economics or a related field and help them to develop their potential to become independent economists who thrive in the academic, public and private sector. Many of our PhD students succeeded at publishing their research in leading international peer-reviewed journals. Moreover, many of our alumni work at highly regarded organizations in the academic, public, and private sector. Examples of recent placements comprise the Universities of Essex, Vienna, and St. Gallen, the European Central Bank, the Swiss National Bank, the federal and cantonal administrations, and various multinational corporations such as Crédit Suisse, Nestlé and KPMG.

We are currently looking for prospective PhD students in all fields to start their PhD in Economics at HEC Lausanne in the Fall Semester of 2022. Excellent students with a Master degree in economics or a related field with strong research interests in any area of economics are welcome to apply. We encourage any student interested in pursuing a PhD in Economics at HEC Lausanne to consult the department website for the research interests of our current faculty. Prospective PhD students with research interests in the following fields, and who would like to collaborate with the below-mentioned colleagues, are especially encouraged to apply:

  • Behavioral and experimental economics (Prof. Hakimov, Prof. Santos Pinto)
  • Game theory (Prof. Klaus, Prof. Montez)
  • Industrial organization (Prof. Montez)
  • International macroeconomics (Prof. Bacchetta, Prof. Benhima)
  • Labor and education (Prof. Terrier)
  • Market design (Prof. Hakimov, Prof. Klaus)
  • Microeconomic theory (Prof. Klaus, Prof. Santos Pinto)
  • Quantitative models of trade, migration and conflict (Prof. Thoenig)

We also especially welcome applications of women and minority students. All PhD candidates receive competitive salaries of more than CHF 50,000 per year through appointments as teaching and research assistants.

You will find more information about our PhD program in economics here as well as about our department here .

The deadline for application is January 31st 2022. Applications must include a current CV, a brief statement of purpose, complete Bachelor and Master transcripts of grades, GRE results (GRE general test) and a tentative research proposal (3-4 pages long, on a topic of potential research interest). Only applications submitted electronically through the application website will be considered for admission.

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