PhD position in Economics / Environmental sustainability 100%

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This PhD position is part of the international research project "In Search of Decoupling: (How) Can We Combine Climate Sustainability with Economic Growth, Good Jobs, and Public Preferences?" (funded by the Swedish Research Council). In this position, you will conduct quantitative research on conditions under which societies have already "decoupled" some environmental harms from economic growth, and might decouple more harms (e.g., greenhouse gas emissions) in the future. Such a large-scale sustainability transition depends on societies' macro-politico-economic characteristics and circumstances; sentiments and views of the general public; and preferences and beliefs of industry actors. Therefore, your research will integrate the scientific knowledge from multiple subfields such as international political economy, public opinion, and communication, using advanced quantitative methods for data mining and analysis. There will also be opportunities to get involved in teaching (of related topics) from the second year.

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