PhD position in applied immunology

Updated: about 1 month ago

A PhD position is available in the laboratory of Professor Susan Treves at the Department of Biomedicine (DBM) in Basel, Switzerland. The successful candidate will investigate whether carriers of gain of function RYR1 mutations have a more efficient immune system, altered levels of circulating antibodies and cytokines at rest or after vaccination.

Selected publications from our laboratory relevant to this project: ( i ) Ca2+ signaling
through ryanodine receptor 1 enhances maturation and activation of human dendritic cells. Bracci et al. (2007) J. Cell Sci. 120:2232-2240. (ii) Ryanodine receptor activation by Cav1.2 is involved in dendritic cell MHC class II surface expression. Vukcevic et al. (2008). J. Biol. Chem. 283:34913-34922. (iii) Frequent calcium oscillations lead to NFAT activation in human immature dendritic cells. Vukcevic et al. (2010). J. Biol. Chem 285:16003-16011. (iv) Gain of function of the immune system caused by a ryanodine receptor 1 mutation. Vukcevic et al. (2013). J. Cell Sci. 126:3485-3492. (v) Functional characterization of endogenously expressed human RYR1 variants.Z orzato, et al. (2021). J. Vis. Exp. (172), e62196.

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