PhD in Biotechnology / Microfluidics

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100%, Basel, fixed-term

The Bioanalytics Group (Prof. Petra S. Dittrich) develops microfluidic methods, also referred to as lab-on-chip technology, for applications in the life sciences. We advance methods for basic research as well as for diagnostics and high throughput screening. In our interdisciplinary approach, we combine chemical, physical, biological and engineering aspects of microfluidic technology. The Bioanalytics Group is affiliated to the Department Biosystems Science and Engineering, and our laboratories are located in Basel (Switzerland).

Job description

We offer a third-party funded PhD position that is part of a national research cluster in molecular systems engineering . The project aims at the development of a microfluidic platform for high throughput screening and directed evolution. We employ droplet microfluidics, which allows for creation of tiny reaction vessels at high frequency of up to several kHz. The resulting emulsion has an excellent monodispersity, with droplet volumes in the range of pico- or few nanoliters. These cell-sized compartments can be conveniently combined with cell-free protein synthesis. The goals of the PhD project are further improvements of the method as well as assay development for various applications.

Your profile

The combination of biological and technological aspects is central in our group. A possible candidate should have strong disposition to learn and improve novel methods, and should be very open to different research disciplines. Expertise in standard methods of molecular biology is mandatory, prior experience with optical methods and microfluidics is helpful.

We offer the successful candidate an intellectually challenging position in the inspiring atmosphere of an interdisciplinary team, and the prospect to obtain a PhD degree from ETH Zurich. Advanced training in different related fields and participation at international conferences is highly encouraged.

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