Two doctoral studentships in business administration

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At Karlstad University, doctoral programmes are offered in 26 subjects, including business administration. These two doctoral studentships are connected to the multidisciplinary Service Research Center (CTF; Around 60 staff members work at CTF, including nine professors and around 20 doctoral students. CTF is a world-leading research centre and our research focuses on a number of service-related areas.

The two doctoral studentships are in marketing and organisation, two subfields of business administration. One of the positions is connected to a research project on the transformation of the music branch, focusing on how the music branch has shifted from an analog, product-based logic to a digital, service-based logic. The project aims to understand how markets change through digitalisation and what this means for the actors on such markets. The other doctoral position is connected to a project on marketing. In contrast to the majority of existing marketing research, the focus is on studying how organisations practically engage in marketing. The project aims to map and understand the practices used by marketers in organisations. Both these projects involve the qualitative study of companies and other branch actors in Sweden. The doctoral students will conduct interviews, observations and document studies. In addition to service theory (e.g. service logic) and business administration theory (e.g. regarding marketing), the projects will also draw on sociological and philosophical theories, such as practice theory. Both studentships will lead to a doctoral degree.

Eligibility and selection

General as well as specific entry requirements have to be met for admittance to doctoral-level studies, and the applicant must be considered to have the capacity to complete a programme at the doctoral level successfully.

General entry requirements are fulfilled by a person who has earned a master’s degree and at least 240 ECTS credits, of which at least 60 credits are master-level studies, or who in some other way in Sweden or abroad has acquired largely equivalent knowledge.

Specific entry requirements are fulfilled by a person who, as part of the required 240 ECTS credits, has completed at least 120 ECTS credits in business administration. At least 30 ECTS credits of the required master-level studies must be completed in business administration, and at least 15 of these credits must be for an independent degree project.

In assessment of the applicants, considerable weight is given to their independent degree projects.

Weight is given to experience of academic work relevant to the position. Weight is further given to prior studies in social science subjects other than business administration, particularly in sociology, anthropology, ethnology or philosophy, since theories and methods from these disciplines are used in the research projects in which the doctoral students will participate. Weight is also given to experience of data collection through interviews and observations. Applicants must have some command of Swedish, because the data collection is planned to be in the form of interviews and observations done in Sweden. Applicants must further have a good command of English, particularly in writing, because the doctoral thesis and research reports produced in the project must be written in English.


Selection is based on individual assessment of the applicants’ qualifications and capacity to complete a programme at the doctoral level successfully. Starting date at the earliest convenience and as per agreement. The position is based in Karlstad, and admission is contingent on the necessary funding allocation decisions being made.


Applications are made online and should include:

– CV with certified copies of transcripts, degree certificates, etc.

– Copies of independent degree projects at bachelor or master level.

– If available, any other academic texts that demonstrate the applicant’s capacity to complete a programme at the doctoral level successfully.

– A brief (max. 1000 words) account of the applicant’s interest in the position, as well as main areas of interest for the thesis project.

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