Postdoc position in Organic Process (Photo)Chemistry

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Deadline: 15 Jul 2021

Published: 2021-06-10

Uppsala University is a comprehensive research-intensive university with a strong international standing. Our ultimate goal is to conduct education and research of the highest quality and relevance to make a long-term difference in society. Our most important assets are all the individuals whose curiosity and dedication make Uppsala University one of Sweden’s most exciting workplaces. Uppsala University has over 45,000 students, more than 7,000 employees and a turnover of around SEK 7 billion.

The Department of Chemistry - Ångström conducts research and education in the chemistry field. The department has more than 260 employees and has a turnover just over 260 million SEK. At the department's six programs, we conduct very successful research of a high international standard. We have a large number of externally funded research projects, often with international cooperation and we see continued good growth in our subject area. The department has education assignments in engineering and civil engineering programs and master's programs. More information is available on our website . 

We now seek a postdoctoral fellow to work jointly in the groups of Henrik Ottosson (organic photochemistry) and Pia Lindberg, Karin Stensjö and Peter Lindblad (bioengineering). The Ottosson group pioneers the broad application of the excited state aromaticity/antiaromaticity concepts within photochemistry, and is since recently active in research on photochemical formation of solar fuels. The Lindberg, Stensjö and Lindblad groups are international leaders in the design of genetically engineered cyanobacteria; photosynthetic microorganisms that can be used as cell factories for the direct production of solar fuels, i.e., the fourth generation of biofuels where CO2 is in Örnsköldsvik and at start-up companies in Gothenburg. The postdoctoral position is externally funded by the Swedish Energy Agency.

Subject description: Light can be used as an energy source for the production of chemicals in both biotechnology and organic chemistry. We have formulated a combined photobiological-photochemical approach for production of kerosene-type hydrocarbons suitable as sustainable aviation fuels. In this approach we use CO2 as the sole carbon source and (solar) light as energy source. The approach is presently at the proof-of-principle stage (TRL2), yet the ambition is to develop it to a higher TRL. The research tasks of the postdoc will involve (i) bioprocess engineering, including development of procedures for condensation and transfer of the volatile hydrocarbons formed photobiologically to the photochemical reactor, and (ii) scale-up of the photochemical reactor for oligomerization. Parts of the project will be carried out at RISE Processum in Örnsköldsvik.

Work duties: The main duties involved in a post-doctoral position is to conduct research. Teaching may also be included, but up to no more than 20% of working hours.

Detailed description of the work duties, such as:

  • To develop a method for condensation of the volatile hydrocarbons produced in the photobioreactors.
  • To operate and maintain photobioreactors for cultivation of photosynthetic microorganisms.
  • To design and scale up the photochemical reactors for oligomerization of the volatile hydrocarbons, and optimize the photochemical oligomerization.
  • To carry out standard biological, biochemical and chemical analyses.
  • To participate in the writing of scientific papers and reports.
  • Assist in the supervision of PhD students and MSc students

Requirements: For employment as postdoc, the applicant should have a PhD exam or an international equivalent within the field of bioprocess engineering, chemical engineering, applied organic chemistry or other for the position relevant fields, within a maximum of three (3) years before the final application date. During certain circumstances, an earlier PhD can be acceptable. Certain circumstances include leave due to illness, parental leave, in trade unions, etc. The assessment of applications is based primarily on the applicant's ability to conduct independent research based on scientific skill. Greater importance is attached to the quality of individual scientific work, than to the amount of publications.

The applicant should have:

  • Experience in either design and scale-up of processes and reactors for organic chemical reactions or in bioprocess engineering, especially downstream processes.
  • Experience of the (bio)chemical engineering unit operations, especially condensation and gas separation.
  • Excellent knowledge in English, both spoken and written
  • A clear desire to work in a multidisciplinary environment.

Consideration will also be given to good collaborative skills, drive and independence, and how the applicant’s experience and skills complement and strengthen ongoing research within the department, and how they stand to contribute to its future development.

Additional requirements:

  • Experiences in organic photochemistry and/or collaborations with industry will be additional merits.

Application procedure: The application should be written in English and include: (i) a Letter of motivation, containing a short description of your research interests and why you feel you are a good match for the project; (ii) CV including a description of relevant skills and experiences, as well as a list of your publications; (iii) a copy of your PhD certificate; and (iv) names and contact information of three persons who can provide a letter of reference in support of your application, with a short description of how these individuals are professionally related to you.

Salary: Individual pay.

Starting date: 2021-07-01 or as soon as possible thereafter (latest on 2021-09-01).

Type of employment: Temporary position for two years.

Scope of employment: 100 %.

For further information about the position please contact: Henrik Ottosson +46 18 471 7476, Pia Lindberg +46 18 471 6587, Karin Stensjö +46 18 471 6586, Peter Lindblad +46 18 471 2826

Please submit your application by 15 July 2021, UFV-PA 2021/2492.

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Submit your application through Uppsala University's recruitment system.

Placement: Department of Chemistry - Ångström Laboratory

Type of employment: Full time , Permanent position

Pay: Fixed salary

Number of positions: 1

Working hours: 100 %

Town: Uppsala

County: Uppsala län

Country: Sweden

Union representative: Seko Universitetsklubben

Number of reference: UFV-PA 2021/2492

Last application date: 2021-07-15

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