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PhD studentship

An externally funded PhD studentship in Natural Resources Management at the Department of systems ecology. Reference number: Dnr 13/2012. Deadline for application: May 2, 2012.

Project title
Using network analysis to quantify the effect of climate on spatial explicit marine food-web interactions in the context of socio-ecological system dynamics.
Project description
The PhD position is one of 24 PhD and postdoc positions announced through 2011 and 2012 within the NorMER network, – a Nordic Centre of Excellence funded by Nordforsk, on behalf of the Top-level Research Initiative (TRI). With NorMER (Nordic Centre for Research on Marine Ecosystems and Resources under Climate Change) the goal is to achieve a better understanding of the impact of climate change on marine resources in the Nordic region.
The institutional framework around the Baltic Sea is highly complex engaging multiple actors at all levels in society in various ways. Similarly, the brackish-water ecosystem of the Baltic Sea encompasses several ecological processes playing out at different spatial and temporal scales. It is increasingly recognized that these two types of complexities are
inevitable intertwined. The objective of this PhD study is to provide new and exiting
approaches to analyze complex structural (i.e. topological) patterns of interactions
characterizing such intertwined social-ecological systems. This integrative approach of combining food web dynamics with institutional, economical and societal dynamics that to a large extent define if, by whom, where, and how much fishing will take place has fairly recently started to be discussed, and has recently also been applied in studies of other types of systems. The student will also spend 4 months under the co-supervision of Prof. Erik Bonsdorff at Åbo University, Åland to test the network approach also on the coastal food-web dynamics and their spatial interaction with the open sea in relation to climate
variability and change.
Applications will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  •  Theoretical knowledge relevant to the research project
  •  Practical experience and knowledge relevant to the project
  •  Knowledge of scientific theory and method
  •  Analytical ability as demonstrated by a scientific report, paper and/or degree project the-sis
  •  Personal references
  •  Gender equality aspects

Transdisciplinary knowledge/experience in physical and social sciences and use of quantitative data analysis is strongly desired, as is knowledge and experience of analysis related to social-ecological systems.
Nature of positions
A Ph.D position lasts four years and is a full time position. After acceptance of the PhD project plan prepared by the student in cooperation with the supervisor, the student will be employed on a doctoral studentship (“doktorandanställning”) of currently
22 600 SEK/month. Up to 20% teaching or other work may be included in the position, which will then be extended accordingly, at most to 5 years. Salary increases follow the relevant salary scale.
More details about the project can be requested from Dr. Thorsten Blenckner: and Dr. Örjan Bodin

Union representatives
Anqi Lindholm-Alm (SACO), Lisbeth Häggberg (Fackförbundet ST), tfn 08-16 2000 (switchboard), och Gunnar Stenberg (SEKO), tfn 070-316 43 41.
The application should contain a letter of intent (one to two pages that explain why you are interested in working on this project, why you are interested in studying for a PhD, what you hope to accomplish during your PhD studies, and what skills you can bring to this project), curriculum vitae, copies of degree certificates and transcripts of academic records (all attested), a list of two persons who may act as referees (with phone numbers and email addresses), and one copy of your undergraduate thesis and articles, if any.
The full application should be labelled ‘PhD-studentship Dnr 13/2012 and sent as one pdf-file to no later than 2 may, 2012.
Further information on the web:
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The handbook for postgraduate students:
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